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Rutgers receives $1.25 million donation for weight room from booster Ron Garutti

Kenny Parker might just have a new best friend...

In a move seemingly perfectly timed with Steve Politi's article on what Chris Ash wants to improve at Rutgers, longtime booster and Rutgers alumnus Ron Garutti and his wife, Joanna,  donated $1.25 million to revamp the Rutgers weight room.

The idea behind this huge donation actually went down on National Signing Day, when the Garutti's saw the plans for a new S&C Center, met with coaches Ash and Parker, and decided to up their previous donation of $250,000.

This donation will clearly have both Parker and Ash ecstatic. Ash basically trashed the facilities in Politi's article, stating that they were on par with Temple, Syracuse, and UConn. The facilities need to be on par with teams like Michigan and Ohio State if they want to compete with teams like Michigan and Ohio State. The only thing Ash seemed content with was the size of the weight room, in terms of the square footage of the room he plans to strip and re-do completely.

This donation is a huge piece of Pat Hobbs' $100 million fundraising initiative and the new facility will be know as the "Ron and Joanna Garutti Strength and Conditioning Center".

Finally, after just reading part 1 of 3 in Politi's series with Ash, one thing became evident to me: Chris Ash is a f*cking mad man and I love it.