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From the Cheap Seats: 4 Thoughts on Fairleigh Dickinson

Rutgers pulls away late.

NCAA Basketball: Fairleigh Dickinson at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

What Ball Movement Wow: Rutgers had sixteen assists tonight and the ball movement really stuck out. Rutgers was patient, but didn’t hesitate. Therefore, the ball rarely stuck in anyone’s hands. Eugene Omoruyi, Issa Thiam, and-of course--CJ Gettys can really see the floor. The ball moves with purpose. And if the shots start to fall like they did in the second half, watch out.

The Threes Are Starting to Fall: Rutgers made 5 of 7 threes in the second half and six total. They made 5 against Stony Brook. For a team that isn’t lights out shooting, that’s enough to keep you honest. And all of those shots were good ones. In the first half, when Rutgers made one, it wasn’t because they were chucking it—they were just missing. That’s important and goes back to the ball movement. Rutgers got open threes in the corner any time they wanted.

Fairleigh Never Gave Up: They only have 2 wins, but they can score and you can see why they’re favored to win their conference. They made a ton of tough shots, and hustled. It never truly felt like they went away and they kept grinding. I’m not saying this is some sort of resume building win, but just because a team is bad doesn’t mean they’re an easy out. Rutgers earned this one and had to do it by wearing the Knights down and mostly without a sick Corey Sanders.

Ten and One: What else is there to say? Five more wins this season and you’d put this team on the rise. They already play well, but beat Fordham and find four Big Ten wins. Anything beyond that is gravy. What a start. TEN AND ONE!