A chance to shine! An aggressive and immediate solution for Rutgers football.

Rutgers football and Coach Ash can take an enormous step to fill a gaping hole within the program, but time is of the essence. Losing Mehringer is a big loss considering the investment they made in him and his offense. One closed door means another one is available to open, and the prize inside can be a treasure. Sometimes fate looks you straight in the eye, and says "Now is the time to make your big move!"

This is the time to make a big move, and that teasure's name is Sterlin Gilbert. Gilbert is a 38 year old former OC under Charlie Strong at the University of Texas. How fitting this would be! He is temporarily out of a job, and it won't last the week. Strong wants him at USF, and certainly others have talked to him as well.

The negatives are multiple; salary, ambition, location, and competition. He made $900k at UT, and while USF won't touch that, the offer has to be substantial. Sterling is also on the fast track to a head coaching position himself, so 2 years is likely all that Rutgers will get from him. Another issue is that Gilbert is a Texas guy at heart, so culture shock needs to be addressed. Lastly, the competition to sign him will be intense.

The pros so far outweigh the cons that this move has to be made immediately. First off, Gilbert is light years ahead of Mehringer right now, and a substantial upgrade who will instantly improve a dead offense. Secondly, his offense is simple, easy to implement, and he adjusts it to his players talents. He can install it in one year, and has done extreme makeovers in 4 of the last 5 years effectivley, hence his place as a rising star in the college coaching ranks. Thirdly, he is not just an offensive coordinator, but an established quarterbacks coach. Top prospects will certainly listen to what he has to say based on past performances. He will attract highly rated recruits on offense because kids with big dreams want to put up big numbers. Stats are important. Have to mention also that Sterlin recruits Texas football, and has vast contacts within high schools statewide. Lastly, but most importantly, he will put Rutgers football on the map. To nab a highly regarded assistant coach to fix a glaring need will prove that the University is finally serious about it's desire to build a winning program.

The question Ash and Hobbs have the guts to pull off such a bold winning move? In order to do so, they both need to be on a jet to the Lone Star State tonight and seal the deal. If Ash has to sacrifice part of his salary to do so, he better jump at this opportunity. He cannot afford to blow this hire, or his time here will be a disaster. Hobbs has to take control of this negotiation and insist they desperately want him in New Jersey. Hobbs has to be extremely active here regardless of the hire. Ash is his guy, and he has to ensure success. A no name hire will not do!

I believe Gilbert would take the job if the money is right and he has full autonomy of the offense. A chance to coach in the Big Ten with a historically dormant program is his quickest way to a big time head coaching gig. This is an absolute slam dunk move to make, but time is of critical importance! Please please please Coach Ash and AD Hobbs, get this done asap!

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