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Rutgers Tailgater of the Week: Indiana Edition

I sure hope everyone is enjoying this series choosing a tailgater in a different lot each week. I am having a great time, meeting new people, and finding out the myriad of ways in which different tailgate traditions have begun. For this week’s winner, I went to the Green Lot.

The Green Lot is really not well known by most fans. It is actually a very small lot, across the road from the Scarlet Lot, next to the practice bubble.It was here that I came across a great group of people who are this week’s winners.

Thirty five years ago, this group began their tradition of attending Rutgers football games. Remember folks, in those days we were just starting to move away from playing Colgate and Lehigh, and struggling to find our way playing “big time football” without the financial backing the big boys had at their disposal. That year we played a home slate of Colgate, Virginia, Cornell, Temple and Pitt. This is before even the Big East was formed, so eight of the games were against “independents.” Today there are not eight independents left in FBS (then Division I) football.

Like all tailgaters, they have certain things that differentiate them from other groups. In this tailgate, they have the folding camping chair. I know, most tailgates have a couple of those, how is that different? Well, theirs is about 3-4 times normal size, and definitely stands out from the crowd. Take a look at it here or in the cover picture!

Tom Dupras and his wife Annie, and Tom Moran are the stalwarts of this group. They have been season ticket holders since 1994, but still attended all the games from 1981 on. Annie is known in section 107 as the Cookie Lady. Whenever Rutgers scores a touchdown, she throws cookies to the fans. In most sections, people prepare to hear the cannon roar. In section 107, they all turn around and look at Annie, waiting for a treat from her!

This is definitely a friends and family group. The Morans, Turskeys, Peitzes, Milligans, Flanagans, Bells, Fishers, and of course the Dupras all join each week to cheer on the team.

Another important part of this group is Alex Sardinia along with John and Paul Tursky. Alex travels all the way from Richmond, Virginia for all of the games. They have set up a television with a computer streaming ESPN for anyone interested.

And food? Well, starting off with a classic New Jersey breakfast of pork roll, egg and cheese sandwiches, along with sausage gravy and biscuits, pancakes with fresh fruit and sausage, and last but not least crab quiche. All this with Bloody Marys to wash it all down. Not bad, not bad at all!

This crew is very proud of their tailgate, which they have termed their “parking lot party.” Pictures of past years are also on view for any visitors to see.

Congrats to you all, it is a great party, too!