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Indiana @ Rutgers Game Preview

The Scarlet Knights look for a Big Ten win against the Hoosiers.

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Indiana @ Rutgers

The 2-6 Scarlet Knights take on the 4-4 Indiana Hoosiers at noon tomorrow afternoon at high noon at the High Point. Rutgers is still looking for their first Big Ten win of the season after a heart breaking loss to the Golden Gophers prior to their bye week. Indiana is 2-3 in the Conference after defeating Maryland this past weekend 42-36.

Location: High Point Solutions Stadium | Piscataway, NJ

Time: 12pm ET

TV: Big Ten Network

Radio: WOR 710-AM, WCTC 1450-AM, WENJ 97.3-FM, WNJE 920-AM, WRSU 88.7-FM

Line: -14 Indiana

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The Tale of the Tape

Indiana has a dominant run game and they have started to use three quarterbacks, as seen in their victory over Maryland last Saturday. In that game, Indiana ran for 414 yards of offense. Rutgers’ defense has been struggling lately but the bye week rested up our damaged linebacker corps giving us some hope we can slow the Hoosier’s run game. Giovanni Rescigno is back in action in his second career start against a Big Ten team Rutgers is 2-0 against since joining the conference.

How Rutgers Wins

Rutgers wins this game through their front seven. If their front seven can slow Indiana’s run game down a notch and pressure the quarterback as well, Rutgers will have a good day. The Hoosiers rely on their run game to rest their defense and move the ball on offense. If they have short drives on offense, the defense will have to come back out worn down and Rutgers will keep pounding the ball with their running back group.

At the same time, Rutgers must be able to run the ball. Time of possession will be key in this game and that will come down to which team has the better run game. If Rutgers can run the ball effectively, Gio will have an easier time doing his thing, which will allow us to control the clock and score points. The defense must slow the run and Rutgers’ run game must be on point to control the clock and keep Indiana’s run game from hitting the field.

How Indiana Wins

Pretty much the same as above. Indiana has to control the run game if they want to win. There is a good chance that they could break out for over 400 rushing yards against us. If they do that, there is a very good chance they win. If they only rush for 150-200, their chances will go way down.

If Indiana can fluster Giovanni Rescigno and force him into bad decisions, it will make their day that much easier. Indiana will control the clock on offense, so any turnovers give them that much more time to kill by running the ball play after play.

Official Prediction

As I keep preaching, this game will come down to the running game of each team. Rutgers looks to get Robert Martin back this week, but his status is still uncertain. Justin Goodwin did a great job against Minnesota both running the ball and catching the ball in the open field. Josh Hicks is also looking to get back on track after a few games off to play defense. Rutgers must run the ball well in order to win.

Indiana has looked pretty good this year. They have a .500 record and are 2-3 in the Big Ten. They have run the ball so well it reminds me of their Tevin Coleman days a few years ago. Their run game is hard to stop because they have so many running backs and quarterbacks which gives them a plethora of combinations they could use. If Rutgers can crack the code and stop the run, it will be a beautiful day in Piscataway.

I do not believe either team will be able to effectively stop the run in this game and the result will be similar to last year’s shootout in Indiana. Rutgers is more rested and more desperate for a win so I will take Rutgers 42 Indiana 38.