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From the Cheap Seats: 4 Thoughts on DePaul

A laugher gets closer.

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at DePaul Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Rebounding: Rutgers absolutely dominated the glass. It’s amazing what focusing on a skill can do. In the first half, the Scarlet Knights out rebounded DePaul 28-8. And they finished 46-27. DePaul amped up their hustle late, but Rutgers just dominated any time a shot was missed.

Corey Sanders: Sanders did it all today. He held Billy Garrett, Jr to almost nothing until the kid fouled out. He scored in double digits and he made smart passes. At one point, with Rutgers up 18, Sanders pounded the floor... on defense. The more Corey buys in, the better for this team and this season.

A road win and 3-0: Both are milestones. Rutgers hadn’t won on the road since Christmastime 2014, and hasn’t started a season 3-0 since forever (ok, 2008-09. These are huge steps forward. The team looks like a basketball program finally. One that makes smart plays and hustles it’s rear end off. They may not be able to shoot, but they’re much better.

That (almost) blown lead: This bothered me. Rutgers was up 22 and let DePaul hit a few threes and suddenly the Blue Demons try to make a run at the end. Hopefully this is just a team learning how to win. When they were up big, they exhaled and let DePaul back in it. If it wasn’t DePaul (DePaul is really bad), Rutgers would have lost. Lots more to work on. Back at it on Sunday!

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