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Watch Coach Ash Talk About Rutgers Regressing and Being Distracted in Loss

There was some mouths running apparently

Rutgers v Michigan State Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

Coach Chris Ash opened up his press conference by letting everyone know that Michigan State is a really good football team. He made mention that a lot of their roster was actually on the field in last year’s College Football Playoff. He also made mention that Rutgers’ were ‘distracted.’ He used the word distracted a few times in his introduction and also said there was some chatter going on. Simply put, Rutgers did not focus nor did they execute.

Coach Ash made it clear that Giovanni Rescigno is still the starter for this team. Gio threw two interceptions and really struggled. He also fell after tripping seemingly on his own two feet...

As far as Tylin Oden goes, Ash says he is pretty much in the same spot he was a few weeks ago. Oden is not progressing enough to be a starter or deserve extended game action. They will continue to progress him throughout the remainder of the season.

Ash said that the largest issue of this game was not being able to get the run game going yet again. The line could not block and the backs had nowhere to go. If you do not run the ball efficiently against a team like the Spartans, this is the result you will usually get.

Ash is trying to remain positive throughout all of this and praises his team for doing the same. If Rutgers did not have the slate of teams that they have had this season (three top four teams, plus Michigan State off of the Playoff) they would have been victorious or competitive in every game they have played this season.

Coach Ash said the team had a really solid week of practice, but, as per usual, the execution was not there today and they “got hit in the mouth.” Maybe they need to do something different? You cannot practice exquisite and play this abysmal; it just does not translate.

Here is to looking to the future #RURahRah