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Rutgers Gets Dominated in Every Facet of the Game

They are still in the darkest of all the basements #Bottom10

Rutgers v Michigan State Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

This was disgraceful. Pitiful. Embarrassing. Both of these teams were 2-7, 0-6 coming into this game. The results would make one think that the Spartans are still ranked. Michigan State rallied up over 400 yards of offense against Rutgers, nearly 300 of them on the ground.

The keys to the game for Rutgers was to control time of possession through their run game and to win the turnover battle. They most certainly did not do either of those two. Giovanni Rescigno threw two interceptions. Rutgers only ran for 109 yards despite Robert Martin’s return.

The Scarlet Knight secondary does not know how to play their position and the front seven cannot seem to tackle or plug up holes to stop the opposition from reaching the second level.

Michael Cintron still does not know how to punt as the Spartans had good field position most of the day. Coach Ash did not trust David Bonagura to kick a field goal from the 30 so he punted.

Michigan State came out with all of the energy. Rutgers looked like they spent all night partying. Anemic and awful. They then put Tylin Oden in and all he did was run the ball. If they are going to do that, put him in at running back.

We all know we do not have great recruits, but games like this make fans question Chris Ash, Drew Mehringer, and Jay Niemann, and rightfully so. Mehringer’s play-calling has been atrocious and Jay Niemann hasn’t fixed any issues all year long.

This team had just started to look good and progressive, but the amount they regressed this game is incomprehensible.

Losing 49-0 to a team that also did not have a conference win in November is never good. Rutgers needs to take a good, hard look in the mirror and figure out what the hell is going on with this team.

We are a laughing stock at this point and we should not be. Trying to remain positive is getting annoying at this point to just keep getting let down.

This team is all about the future. The present is over and the only hope this team has for a ‘successful’ year is to beat Penn State. If the Nittany Lions lose to Indiana today, that victory would not be nearly as sweet.

Gotta remain positive as far as the future goes. Everyone know this is a lost and forgotten year. Try to have faith and hope and maybe Ash and Company can turn this thing around with some actual Big Ten football players.