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Rutgers vs. Michigan State Game Day Thread

Who will emerge out of the basement?

NCAA Football: Indiana at Rutgers Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Another Saturday, another football game. This game is going to be tougher than it appears. 2-7, 0-6 seems like a very winnable game for Rutgers. But, this Spartans team was ranked very high at the beginning of the season and made the Playoff last year.

Not to mention, East Lansing is a tough place to play. You also better believe that Michigan State refuses to go into the off-season with zero conference wins. They will come out fighting and ready to rock. Rutgers will need to be prepared for this and must be ready to swing right back.

Tune in to the Big Ten Network at Noon for all of the action.

Alternatively, follow me here, I will be giving updates. And, please, leave comments to discuss jubilation and frustration with fellow Rutgers fans and alum.

1st Quarter

Rutgers is having trouble stopping the Michigan State run game. L.J. Scott runs the ball into the red zone for the Spartans.

Rutgers does force a third down inside the red zone despite Scott’s 52 yards rushing already.

Tyler O’Connor throws a beautiful pass to the back of the end zone to Josiah Price for the touchdown

Michigan State 7 Rutgers 0 8:21 left in the first

Giovanni Rescigno made a mistake to say the least. He threw a pass that any cornerback would jump and take to the house.

Demetrious Cox intercepts the pass and scores the touchdown.

Spartans 14 Knights 0 8:03 left in the 1st

Rutgers responds the best way it knows how. Three and out...

Michael Cintron punts terribly again. No hang time and no distance. Spartans start in Rutgers territory.

Tyler O’Connor throws a beautiful ball and Anthony Cioffi plays it terribly. Freshman Spartan Trishton Jackson makes the 50-yard TD grab.

Terrible terrible terrible terrible.

21-0 Spartans 5:22 left in the first

Rutgers finally has a first-down. Jawuan Harris gets the catch for good yardage.

Robert Martin is back too! 12-yard run for Martin.

Carlton Agudosi gets called for offensive pass interference and forces a fourth down. Had momentum and went nowhere with it.

Rutgers has the Spartans on third down and backed up inside their own 20.

21-0 Spartans after 1 quarter of action

2nd Quarter

After back-to-back good runs by Justin Goodwin, Giovanni Rescigno trips on himself and then the offensive line forgot how to block resulting in a Rutgers punt.

Rutgers’ run defense continues to be abysmal as the Spartans easily run down the field into the red zone.

Josiah Price gets another touchdown. Rutgers is terrible.

28-0 Spartans 7:07 left in the half

Aaaaaand here comes another Rutgers punt...

L.J. Scott bangs it in for the 1-yard score.

35-0 Spartans 1:02 left in the half (kind of wish this game was over)

Finally half time.

35-0 Spartans. Rutgers is getting embarrassed. Again.

3rd Quarter

Rutgers converts a third-down conversion! Good start to the second half I guess.

Nope, they go three-and out the next three plays.

It is clear that Jay Niemann did not work on the secondary, or the defense, this week. I can’t say it enough. We are abysmal.

The Spartans have over 200 yards rushing and are back in the red zone...

Spartans convert a fourth and short inside the five...great.

Another Spartans touchdown. This time it was Madre London for two yards.

42-0 not Rutgers

Giovanni Rescigno sails his pass over the receiver and it is another interception thrown. Last thing this team needed.

What a surprise. Michigan State is inside the 10 yet again. Pitiful performance from Rutgers. No drive, no fight, no execution.

Madre London, yet again, scores the touchdown


Tylin Oden alert! Finally gets some action this week after Gio’s terrible performance

Looks like Tylin reached for a first down as the quarter winds down.

It’s almost over guys, persevere!

4th Quarter

Tylin Oden goes three-and-out to start the quarter. This is flat out embarrassing.

Rutgers finally forces a punt and they get a personal foul for roughing the kicker. Are you kidding me, Rutgers?

Rutgers still cannot move the ball. At least they haven’t given up any more points...yet

That is it folks. 49-0 Spartans