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Multisport Facility Groundbreaking: A new era for Rutgers Athletics

It’s a start. A very significant start. But what a difference it could make.

Rutgers University

It’s here. Today. The future is now.

At 10:00 am the ceremony breaking ground on the new facility will take place. The facility - with practice areas, locker rooms, and offices for at least five sports - will finally be built. Taking out the construction of the recently completed Fred Hill Baseball/Softball Facility, it is the first new athletics-exclusive structure at Rutgers since the stadium was expanded in 1994.

And it isn’t using any state, University or borrowed money. Now that’s a game changer for Rutgers. And in terms of altering the perception of Rutgers as well as altering the way in which RU does business, it is a momentous occasion. As Pat Hobbs wrote in an email letter to fans yesterday:

This is more than just a groundbreaking, it's a statement that we intend to compete at the highest level by providing our coaches and students with best-in-class resources. It's a statement by the Rutgers faithful that they are all in.

There has been no definitive timeline announced regarding construction, but with the groundbreaking there likely will be more information forthcoming regarding the process.

We will have a live feed of the ceremony via OTB’s Facebook page; click here.

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And there’s even more from over the last three years. We’ve been chirping and harping and squawking. But now we can all crow. It’s coming.

Yesterday, there was a crew in the RAC’s Scarlet lot doing test borings. That’s a good sign that things are progressing. Today, there will be University President Bob Barchi, AD Pat Hobbs, a slew of dignitaries, big time donors, and lots more.

Now that it’s happening, everybody wants in.

Speaking of which, are you in? Have you given to the R B1G Build? Click here.