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#4 Michigan at Rutgers Game Day Thread

Lets Rush the Field Again!

Michigan v Rutgers
Two years and four days ago
Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

STRIIIIIIPPPEEEOUUUUTTTTT!!!! #StripetheBirthplace is in action tonight as your Scarlet Knights look to bounce back and show the conference and the nation that they are not a pushover and that we belong. The Wolverines are an all time 0-1 at the High Point and Rutgers is looking to make it 0-2.

Even Michigan acknowledges the homecoming for almost their entire team

For how to watch click here

Join me in the comments section below. I will update this post as needed with big moments and highlights. Lets come out fighting and strong all game long to support our Knights en route to a top-five victory and a conference victory to boot. #StripetheBirthplace #GoKnights #RFootball #BeatMichigan #RushtheField #RURahRah

Josh Hicks is getting work in the secondary tonight...

1st Quarter

After going back and forth for a few drives, including a Rutgers fumble recovery, Michigan finally strikes first thanks to Jabrill Peppers’ insane speed and skill.

Peppers’ huge gain set up a four yard touchdown for Ty Isaac

7-0 Blue 7:44 left in the first

Laviano is now 1/8 for 6 yards and Rutgers has a grand total of 4 yards

Wilton Speight makes a beautiful throw in the corner of the end zone to Jehu Chesson for a Michigan touchdown

14-0 Michigan 4:27 left in the first

On 3&11, Chris Laviano gets sacked for a huge loss. Rutgers is now 0/5 on third downs tonight

With the quarter winding down the Rutgers defense showed up and forced a punt after a solid punt return by Jabrill Peppers

Rutgers gets pinned at the one on the punt, though.

Zach Allen is in for the drive as Robert Martin gives the offense some breathing room

Allen makes a good run on third down for the first down but loses the football. Michigan recovers within easy scoring range.

End of the 1st Quarter Michigan 14 Rutgers 0

2nd Quarter

The first play of the quarter goes directly to Peppers who waltzes in for the score

21-0 Blue 14:55 left in the half

Khalid Hill gets a one-yard touchdown to put Michigan up 29-0 as Garrett Moores gets the two-point conversion

Rutgers at 4&14 as Allen misses an over-the-middle throw. This may get Ohio State ugly

Amara Darboh with a huge reception for the Wolverines to bring them in close scoring range yet again.

Rutgers forces a fourth and goal, and Harbaugh goes for it. Khalid Hill is initially ruled short, then as they came in closer, ruled it a touchdown

36-0 Michigan

Jabrill Peppers gets the direct snap yet again and scored yet again to put Michigan up 43-0

This is Ohio State ugly

It is 43-0 at halftime in Piscataway. Needless to say I am disappointed as are all Rutgers fans. I expected more fight than this

3rd Quarter

After a half of no first downs, Rutgers continues to struggle with Zach Allen at the helm, despite his ability to use his legs

Rutgers goes three and out to start the half as Allen gets sacked on third down

John O’Korn comes in at quarterback for Michigan to get some good reps

O’Korn and Freshman back Chris Evans get the Wolverines deep into Rutgers territory

O’Korn gets the ball to Khalid Hill for the touchdown

Michigan is up 50-0 10:28 left in the quarter

Our defense is bad. Our offense is worse.

Zach Allen looks really bad. He is always under pressure and he is always rolling out.

Granted our receivers are not open and the line is terrible, but we need better quarterback play

Shane Morris is in to play, their third string and the starter ahead of Giovanni Rescigno in high school

Chris Evans breaks a huge run for the Wolverines. Karan Higdon gets the 15-yard score for Michigan

57-0 Big Blue

Can I go home now?

Every time I get hope for a first down, we get a false start and need to punt

Rutgers is 0/14 on first down and has 16 total yards...

Rutgers gets a much needed pick six, but it gets overturned upon further review due to the ball hitting the ground before the interception. This team cannot catch a break.

End of three 57-0 Michigan

4th Quarter

Bobby Henderson, on third down, runs for thirteen yards and a touchdown.

64-0 Michigan. Still a whole quarter to go

Zach Allen gets drilled as the offensive line gives him no time yet again. This is disgusting and barely qualifies as football

Higdon gives Michigan their eighth rushing touchdown of the night and allows Michigan to eclipse 70.


WE GOT A FIRST DOWN!! Trey Sneed has a nice carry to finally move the chains

Why is Michael Cintron so bad at punting. Michigan has had field position past the thirty seemingly all night long

Ty Isaac scores again for the ninth rushing touchdown of the night.

78-0 Michigan.

Please do not let them hit 80...

Trey Sneed picks up another first down, only the second for Rutgers who has yet to hit 50 total yards on offense