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Rutgers & Kansas State Agree To Football Series

Mark your calendars for....wait for it....2030!!

Baylor v Kansas State Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We have looked at Rutgers and other Big Ten East schools non-conference football schedules for the next decade over the summer, but apparently we weren’t thinking far enough ahead. It was announced today that Rutgers and Kansas State have agreed to a home and home series in football 14-15 years from now!

It’s a good decision to schedule against another power five conference team and Kansas State is a solid Big 12 program. Of course, they met in the 2006 Texas Bowl, capping off the one of the best season’s in school history with Rutgers winning 37-10.

Rutgers is obviously planning well ahead into the future and that is a good thing. Hopefully, they will fill out the two open slots remaining for the 2019 schedule soon. Miami is the only non-conference opponent that has been announced to date. For a look at the full 2019 schedule and the issues I’ve addressed with it, click here.

For full details on the new series, click on the link from the Rutgers athletic department.