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Rutgers Football commit John Lewis leaves game with injury as St Peters Prep rolls

He should be fine, however

In the second quarter of their game against Lincoln, St Peter’s Prep and future Rutgers QB Johnathan Lewis suffered what appeared to be a collarbone injury. It occurred when they were going for two following a touchdown to go up 12-0. When he exited the game, he removed his pads and was tended to by a trainer. He spent the rest of the game in his undershirt with ice on his neck.

According to, the injury was a neck strain and St Peter’s Prep coach Rich Hansen said Lewis would’ve been able to return to the game if they needed him. However, sophomore Maasai Maynor was serviceable and led the team to a 47-6 victory over Lincoln (Jersey City, NJ).

Before leaving the game, Lewis was 5-6 for 53 yards and ran for 44 yards and two touchdowns. On both drives he was in the game, he led Prep to touchdowns which he ran in himself.

On the drives he was in, Lewis was a force running the ball. Not only was he powerful and tough to bring down, he showed elite athleticism on a run where he rolled out to his left, cut inside, and spun back outside and stayed on his feet for a first down run. He didn’t throw the ball down the field too much, as St Peter’s was in control and was limiting their pass offense to bubble screens and slants.

Lewis expects to play in Prep’s home finale against Don Bosco next week. Hopefully he heals up well and is in the thick of things when he arrives as Rutgers.