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On The Banks Is Looking To Add To R Team

While writing experience is preferred, a passion for Rutgers is required.

NCAA Football: Washington State at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

If you are reading this, thank you. You are a big reason why On The Banks has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in readership the past year. To continue to best serve the Rutgers Athletics community that we cover with a passion, we are always looking to innovate and improve our site. In addition to adding key roles to increase our coverage, we need to replace some key contributors that are moving on as well.

Griffin Whitmer started with us in May 2015 as a high school junior and is now leaving as a Rutgers student about to join the staff of the Daily Targum. It’s a tremendous step for Griffin and a well deserved one. He has brought passion, knowledge, and strong opinions regarding Rutgers Football and he has made OTB a better site. I thank him for his contributions and am glad he will become an emeritus member of the staff, giving his two cents on round tables and group posts. Make sure to follow him on twitter and hopefully he still responds to my emails once he hits the big time.

Nicole Bosco joined our staff in April and provided great coverage of women’s sports, most notably the Rutgers women’s soccer team and their most famous alumna, Carli Lloyd. I thank Nicole for all of her contributions and wish her well as she continues focusing on MMA and other endeavors.

As they say, one door closes and another one opens. With two staffers leaving and being in the middle of the fall season, I’ve decided to restructure a bit. Most of our existing staff will focus on football, creating some other opportunities with our site. Here are specific roles we are looking to fill:

Women’s Sports Lead Contributor

Ideally, this role would be for someone to focus on all the women’s sports teams at Rutgers. Basketball is rapidly approaching and I would love to expand coverage in this area. The spring would focus on women’s lacrosse, softball, and track & field. The fall is winding down, but typically highlighted by soccer, field hockey and volleyball. By no means does anyone have to be an expert in all of these sports. I’m looking for someone passionate and who has serious interest in as many Rutgers women’s teams as possible.

Knights In The Pro’s

A big focus of this position is on alumni playing in the NFL, which typically includes a weekly column. However, Rutgers has alumni playing in many professional leagues all over the world, including baseball, basketball, soccer and lacrosse. This position has a lot of potential for someone to expand and develop.

Football Recruiting

Scott Logan is moving from the recruiting role into a football contributor role, so we are looking for a new writer to focus on this area. It’s an important role and one that can be very exciting, especially now as Chris Ash focuses on rebuilding the program and “fencing the garden” to keep the best recruits home. This position requires a lot of passion, as recruiting never sleeps. This role also has a lot of potential for creative development.


The focus of this site will always be the written word. With that being said, we also want to provide the very best coverage for Rutgers sports anywhere on the internet. Ideally, I am looking for someone who has experience and/or the ability to create video content for the site. Highlight videos, hype videos, game day trailers and topic specific videos would be a valuable addition to our team. Ability to work with others on the site in developing game analysis video’s would also be a great addition. Strong editing skills is required and the ability to add data tables/graphics to video’s and GIF making experience is a plus. Examples of what I would love to add to our site are here, here, here, here and here. This role can include a regular contributor role with football or any other sport that person is interested in. The sky is the limit.

Football Contributor

We can never have enough football coverage, so we would like to add 1-2 contributors that can support with football year round. Previous football writing experience preferred.


No matter the role you are applying for, each one requires the following:

  • A passion for Rutgers
  • strong editing skills
  • willingness to take on assignments
  • ability to work in a timely manner
  • flexibility in all areas
  • ability to contribute 1-2 articles per week

If you are interested in this role and becoming a contributor to On The Banks for any of the above positions, please email me at with a brief summary on why you would be a good fit and provide at least one writing sample. No prior experience is required, but all applicants are encouraged to submit a writing sample specific to Rutgers and based on the role you are applying for. You can send articles you’ve written elsewhere on other topics, but I still want to see something about Rutgers. Look at the application process as a TV pilot and you are trying sell the series (you) to the network (OTB). Our team is made up of individuals who have a deep passion for Rutgers and we are looking for more.

If you have ever reached out to me in the past, please reapply and reference our previous interaction. If you are not interested in being a contributor, but have specific ideas on how our site can improve in terms of coverage, please email me as well. We are always looking for new ideas and new ways to cover Rutgers. I always welcome feedback and appreciate those of you who do email me here and there.

Thanks again to all that support and read our site, as little or as often as you may. We look forward to adding contributors that bring a passion and love of Rutgers to our team, in order to provide the best Rutgers athletics coverage possible.

RU rah rah!