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Rutgers Hockey earns highest ranking

I heard it, I know I did. Someone mentioned hockey.

Rutgers Hockey

It’s a bye week for football. Chris Ash turned his weekly radio show over to wrestling’s Scott Goodale and Women’s basketball’s Vivian Stringer.

Us? We get to write about all kinds of stuff, so why not hockey?

The Ice Knights completed a sweep of a Top 10 team, topping No. 6 Stony Brook, 4-2 and 2-1. RU is currently 5-5, and 2-1 in the ESCHL. Brian Gnad currently leads the Ice Knights in scoring with 15 points.

Yes, the team is a club team, but as we’ve discussed before, the current team leadership along with alumni are looking at ways to move it from club status to full “varsity” status under the Athletic Department. It is still a long way off, but there are at least cordial and constructive conversations going on between the two sides. And with the groundbreaking for the new multisport facility next week, and the success of the R Big Build, there is a greater sense that Rutgers can actually get things done. Maybe even bring back sports or add sports....just sayin’.

Okay, back to the bye week. No RU football this weekend. Whatcha gonna do? Rake leaves? Go shopping? How about hockey if you’re close to New Brunswick?

The team has its Alumni Game at 1:30 followed by a match up against the URI Rams at 3:00. Directions to Pro Skate Arena are here. The date is also Pink in the Rink, recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

And just for the heck of it.....