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Chris Ash Loves the Effort this Team Gives

They are resilient. They never give up

Rutgers v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Coach Chris Ash addressed the media today following a crushing 34-32 loss to the Golden Gophers of Minnesota.

Ash prefaced his press conference by saying week in and week out he is impressed by this team and its preparation. They may have been written off by fans and critics, but they show up to work every day and they compete all 60 minutes.

Ash was impressed with Giovanni Rescigno today. He did say that we need to do a better job not turning the ball over but he said he felt that same spark and vibe he did last week against Illinois in the locker room and on the sideline.

The controversial spot where Tylin Oden was brought in for Gio was because Gio was a little hurt and they wanted to run a quarterback run, which Gio could not do due to his hamstring injury.

Gio is fine and will continue to be the starter.

Ash also brought up Robert Martin not getting any action today in favor of Justin Goodwin. Ash said that Robert got hurt last week vs. Illinois, which is why he had a small load last week.

Martin tried to practice this week and he unfortunately could not at all, making it hard for him to play today. Since the injury was still cumbersome today, they kept him out of action.

Ash clarified that this is not a serious injury and that Martin will be back against Indiana in two weeks.

Coach Ash knows we are going to get over that hump and he knows that it is close, but he does not know how close. This tight loss against a good team is an indicator that we are, in fact, close.

If we can end the season with a handful of quality wins, Ash and the fans should be happy with the results of the season. An interim year with a plethora of changes bring afoot a lot of struggles and downfalls.

We are almost there. Have faith and keep hope.

#KeepChopping #GoKnights