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WATCH: Eric LeGrand Inspires In New Series “Mission Possible”

Cincinnati v Rutgers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

On today’s FOX NFL pregame show, Rutgers Football’s own Eric LeGrand took center stage in announcing his new digital series called “Mission Possible”. It’s a six-part series profiling people living with disabilities and overcoming adversity like Eric has. He spoke with NJ Advance Media’s Ryan Dunleavy this week about this endeavor and had this to say about the series:

"Stories like this give me hope, too," LeGrand said. "I'm covering their stories and hearing stuff that I never knew before, just sitting down and asking them questions about their journey and their life. I look back on my situation and think, 'Wow, I really don't have it tough at all. Look at what this guy has been through.'"

LeGrand continues to inspire all of us with his own battle to walk again, but this series marks another great accomplishment. He is bringing even more awareness to all kinds of disabilities that so many people live with everyday, away from the microscope of the mainstream world. Eric has proven to be a tremendous role model for everyone and he continues to inspire with this new series. Bringing attention to others by using his own journey to tell their stories is truly a selfless and compassionate act.

The first part of the series profiles the first woman to ever complete the Boston Marathon with two prosthetic legs and another woman who lost both her legs due to the bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon. LeGrand takes both women to the finish line for a poignant moment, as well as taking them to a New England Patriots practice from earlier this summer during their training camp. Former Rutgers players are present in the video and Devin McCourty speaks at one point. LeGrand also refers to the Patriots during today’s FOX segment as “Rutgers North”.

This first video is definitely worth watching, both for the survivors inspiring stories and LeGrand’s role in helping them to bring those stories to the world. Thanks to #52 for being an inspiration and making the entire Rutgers community proud that he is a loyal son of our own!