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Rutgers Groundbreaking: A new facility is on the way

We’re gonna have cranes in the air!

It all started with the $25 million tax credit for a parking facility. Then came the fundraising campaign, R B1G Build. Followed by the proposed three phase construction project.

And now we’re looking at a groundbreaking.

That’s reality hitting home.

Keith Sargeant reports that Rutgers officials will be announcing the groundbreaking - some reporting it will be Nov. 1 - for the Multisport Practice Facility. That is the centerpiece structure housing the basketball practice facility along with practice and team areas for wrestling, gymnastics, and volleyball.

Sarge’s story indicates that new drawings and designs would be unveiled at the groundbreaking.

With almost $60 million either pledged or in hand, Rutgers apparently is now at the point where it can start putting shovels in the ground.


The official release from the athletic department with full details of the scheduled groundbreaking.


A report states naming rights will be announced!