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Rutgers vs. Illinois Homecoming Game Day Thread

It’s Homecoming On the Banks...Welcome Back Alumni

Norfolk State v Rutgers Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Ahhhh. The beautiful scent of the crisp fall air. I walked outside into New Brunswick this morning to sunshine and silence. It was about eight in the morning so the silence here was not unusual. I was feeling hopeful. I was feeling excited. I was feeling victorious. Something about this morning gives me the inkling that something will go right on this campus later on this afternoon.

The congregation of alumni and students alike for this noon kickoff in Piscataway should be one of celebration. Some alumni have not been here for years. Some never left. The alumni are here to root their team to victory against a not-so-great Fighting Illini team.

Sure, we have been blown out 136-0 the past two games. That is in the past. These alumni, these students, these athletes, these coaches all decided to put on the blinders to the rest of the nation’s jokes and fight onward.

We can still make a bowl game, it all starts right here right now on the banks. If we can emerge victorious today, I am hopeful for a bowl game bid.

I will be at the game today with my fellow alumni and some friends that are still students. I will be cheering this team on all day. I will cheer when Brian Leonard makes his appearance. I will sing the Alma Mater when we win. I will be in it fully today showing my school pride.

I will still be here with you during the game and after the game giving you updates and posting highlights as I have the ability to.

For those who cannot make it to the game, here is how to watch

Get fired is game day! #GoKnights #BeatIllinois #Homecoming #RURahRah