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Knight Caps II: Rutgers has even more stuff going on!

We couldn’t stop at one....kinda like Lay’s potato chips.

Too much going on to limit it to one installment. So.....

If I can start with wrestling, you know I will.

On Tuesday night, Rutgers wrestling coach Scott Goodale and his counterpart at Princeton, Chris Ayres, were at Moore’s Tavern in Freehold. The purpose was a meet and greet to promote the Battle at the Birthplace wrestling match at High Point Solutions Stadium on Nov. 19. Moore’s is a partner with Rutgers; it’s a watch party location and it hosts events like this. A lot of patrons, not necessarily RU fans, were there and saw the Knight, cheerleaders, and then met the coaches. Exposure for the program.

Which brings up corporate sponsors and partners

Hey, they can’t all be UPS. And that’s okay.

Big corporations can kick in big bucks. And you know I love big bucks. But sometimes smaller companies can do more for you in terms of exposure and local contacts. The three companies mentioned here are more local, and will be providing direct services for fans. That isn’t a bad thing.

A successor to Carly Lloyd?

Murphy is redshirting this season, and it certainly appears it was a good decision as she is now playing at pretty much the highest level and on an international stage. Nice going, Casey!

Did I mention wrestling?

And you can still get tickets for the Battle at the Birthplace. Penn State at night and Princeton before lunch. Great day at HPSS.

In Hobbs we trust

Not everything is perfect, but at least when there’s an issue, Hobbs addresses it. Quickly, competently, effectively. Remember The Alley, the student tailgate section that rose and fell very quickly. And the supposed boycott that was going to happen (it

didn’t). Pat Hobbs helped to create The Alley and now is working to correct the problem.

A Big Ten award for XC

In addition to a second place team finish at the Metropolitan Championships, Rutgers also picked up a conference award this week.

And quick U-Turn to Women’s Soccer

Four Scarlet Knights were listed in the Midseason Top 100, updated this week by the publication. Senior defender Erin Smith (No. 51) and junior forward Colby Ciarrocca (No. 92) made the Women’s National Top 100 list, which includes sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Meanwhile, rookies Nicole Whitley (No. 22) and Amanda Visco (No. 61) were placed on the Women’s Freshman Top 100.

Baumgartner Recognized

It isn’t a new story, but the award was handed out recently and it’s worth another mention. Nice work, Sarah!