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Rutgers vs. Ohio State Game Day Thread

Join me in the comments!

NCAA Football: Iowa at Rutgers Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Yet another game day for Rutgers. Unfortunately, this game day comes after the Buckeyes had a whole week off to rest their squad after dismantling Oklahoma two weeks ago. Rutgers has looked solid as of late so hopefully the Ash and Urban Meyer collaboration works in our favor here.

I will be here keeping everyone updated on the big plays Rutgers scores. I will also be dabbling in the comments section. Lets get some good conversation going this week and hopefully we can put together a respectable performance against the number 2 team in the country.

This is how you can watch / listen to the game

1st Quarter

Ohio State wins the toss and defers to Rutgers.

Big Ten Network says Rutgers’ key to the game is for Chris Laviano to have the game of his life. That is quite the understatement

Chris Laviano throws two first down throws to Jawuan Harris and even runs for one as well. We are in Buckeye territory.

We are forced to punt, but that drive was impressive. Lets see how this defense fares against J.T. Barrett and the Ohio State offense.

Anthony Cioffi completes the tip drill for the interception! Only J.T. Barrett’s second interception of the season.

Rutgers Linebacker Greg Jones gets on a stretcher and takes an ambulance out. He is moving, which is a good sign. I will keep you updated as I learn more.

I am told Jones being taken to the hospital is mainly precautionary. He was moving and he was responsive to questions.

Ohio State is moving the ball and is now in the red zone.

J.T. Barrett lasers one in to the arms of Dontre Wilson for a Buckeyes touchdown. Tyler Durbin misses his first XP of the year.

6-0 Ohio State 4:19 left in the first

Robert Martin is showing Ohio State why he leads the Big Ten in rushing. back to back rushes of 9 and 13 yards.

Mike Weber takes Barrett’s handoff nearly 50 yards to the Rutgers’ 21-yard line. Buckeyes are threatening yet again

Good defense from Rutgers prevents another Ohio State score to close out the 1st Quarter.

End of 1 Quarter 6-0 Ohio State

2nd Quarter

Isaiah Wharton with more great coverage as he knocks the ball down on third down forcing the field goal

Tyler Durbin knocks it through.

9-0 Buckeyes 14:11 left in the half

Chris Laviano scrambles away from the pressure and runs for 14 and the first down!

Mike Weber gets the Buckeyes into the red zone again, but Rutgers forces fourth down.

Curtis Samuel gets three when he only needed two. First Down Buckeyes.

The defense is playing really well today. Darius Hamilton has some huge run stuffs and the coverage has been tight.

J.T. Barrett throws a beautiful ball to Terry McLaurin for McLaurin’s first career TD. Durbin knocks this XP through.

16-0 Buckeyes 5:51 left in the half

Rutgers is forced to punt. Dontre Wilson takes the return to their own 43.

J.T. Barrett just picks apart this Rutgers defense and finds Marcus Baugh for his third touchdown and his 58th career touchdown, putting him in sole possession of first all-time in Buckeye history.

23-0 Ohio State 2:27 left in the half

J.T. Barrett runs the ball into the red zone and spikes the ball. Buckeyes have one timeout left with 22 seconds remaining.

Ohio State takes their last timeout with 16 seconds left at the 5-yard line.

This is starting to get ugly...

Barrett rolls out and finds Curtis Samuel for the short touchdown.

30-0 Ohio State at the half

3rd Quarter

Less than three minutes into the second half, Mike Weber runs the ball 46 yards and the touchdown.

Buckeyes in front 37-0 12:36 left in quarter

Laviano gets sacked the first play then misses Harris over the middle of the field. Michael Cintron punts the ball nowhere. Buckeyes get the ball in Rutgers territory

Parris Campbell gets the reverse and runs it in the end zone with ease.

44-0 Ohio State 7:24 left in the third. Where are the backups...

Tylin Oden is spotted! Lets see what this kid can do against some really intense competition. Will he attempt a pass?

Jawuan Harris gets a first down on a run play. Oden then gets sacked, forcing a 3&15.

Oden attempts a pass and it really did not look too good. Misses his target badly. Michael Cintron punts yet again.

I really want J.T. Barrett and Urban Meyer to take their foot off the gas just a little because this is getting bad.

We only have 95 total yards...Pathetic

After the near interception. Buckeye future star and Freshman Joe Burrow enters the game.

Demario McCall takes the Burrow hand-off to the end zone.

51-0 Buckeyes. Can we go home now?

Andre Patton drops a Tylin Oden pass. Still no career completions and still no points and still under 100 total yards

51-0 Buckeyes end of three quarters

4th Quarter

Ohio State, led my McCall, is threatening yet again as they are within the ten yard line

Johnnie Dixon cruises in for yet another Buckeyes score.


Tylin Oden runs for a first down and Rutgers is finally over 100 total yards. There’s under 13:00 left in the game.

Rutgers stops Joe Burrow and company on fourth and goal.

This wraps up the game. Buckeyes shut out the Knights 58-0