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Rutgers Women's Basketball: Rutgers Rolls over Wisconsin, 61-41

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Home has been where the heart is for the Rutgers women's basketball team this season, as they have won six in a row playing at the RAC. The Scarlet Knights were able to keep the streak alive, after hosting the Wisconsin Badgers last night in a Big Ten battle.

As has been the case in many of the games, Rutgers got off to a slow start, as Wisconsin opened with an 11-2 run in the open minutes. Tyler Scaife, who has been averaging an impressive 21 points in the last five games at home, was the first to put Rutgers on the board. Then, Kahleah Copper hit a big three pointer with 2:14 left in the first quarter that sparked a 15 point run by the Scarlet Knights. Avyanna Young of Wisconsin ended their six minute drought by hitting a jumper that started a 9-2 run of their own. Rutgers battled back throughout the second quarter to hold on to a three point lead going in to halftime, 25-22.

Rutgers held on to their lead throughout the second half, opening the third quarter with another 9-0 run. Sophomore Shrita Parker kept the ball rolling with a three to give Rutgers their biggest lead of the night, 34-22, with 4:14 left in the third. By the end of the quarter, Rutgers had established a large lead at 44-35, with Scaife at 15 points and Copper nearing double double territory with 13 points and 9 rebounds.

Briyona Canty, who came off the bench for the Scarlet Knights in the victory, hit a three pointer at the 7:06 mark in the fourth to push Rutgers' lead to 49-37. Canty had a strong performance for the team, with 11 points and 2 blocks. Copper was able to capture another rebound, to give her her fifth rebound of the season, finishing with 19 points and 13 rebounds. Rutgers was able to go on yet another run, 12-4, to finish the game, leading to a 20 point victory at 61-41.