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Death to the salmon-colored uniforms!

Anyone who wants new football uniforms, raise your hand. Whoa! Just one hand will do. We figure Chris Ash will want his own unis, so we decided to help out by offering some suggestions.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

A while back, our Griffin Whitmer did a few posts on the best and worst RU football uniforms of the recent past.  And the one thing that came out of that was that you folks may have liked the concept of the battle-scarred helmets, but the mushy red unis with the unreadable numbers had to go.  Now!

Comments about the current red include:

these unis aren't Scarlet. It's like watermelon licorice red.



nobody likes the slammin' salmon jammies?

by WestCoast_RU on Jul 17, 2015

and then....

Everyone, and I mean everyone, HATES the all-reds we were today for (most) home games. Even though we've been wearing an all-red uniform for the last decade and a half, and no one seemed to mind when it was Mike Teel, Ray Rice, or Chas Dodd wearing it. .... These days, however, people hate the all-reds with a passion because the letters and numbers are in that grey'ish/silver'ish barely legible font/color. I just don't like them because they're not as red/scarlet as they were back in the good old days.

by BeantownKnight on Jul 17, 2015

We need a change.  Coach Ash, are you listening?  AD Hobbs, are you listening?

Okay, here are some random mockups for your entertainment and conversation.  Today we'll go with home uniforms.  I played on the Nike site and came up with a few combinations that will either engage you or make you scream.  But let's start with.....

Home Uniforms

Red?  Black?  Mix and match?  Here are a few to ponder:

#1 Tradition

It's throwback time, all the time.  Red jersey, white shoulder stripes, white pants with two red stripes.  Ash is midwest tradition if ever there was.  He should love these.

#2 Tradition

Take off the shoulder stripes, add a couple of black stripes on the pants, and voila!  Tradition personified.

#3: Tradition with a touch of flash

Midwestern flare....meaning plain but with a touch of je ne c'est quoi.  Shoulder patches are the variable.  Otherwise, it's pretty tame.

#4 Blackout

All God's children got a blackout uniform.  Here's our version...with numbers you can read.  Pretty nice, pretty tame,

#5  Blackout, meet tradition

Yeah, there's a little Cincinnati in it, but I thought we might like an occasional change up.

Vote in the poll and give us your thoughts on the red, white, and black in the comments.

Sunday we'll take a look at road whites.