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Finding the QB for 2016: Giovanni Rescigno

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With a new offense comes a new playbook and new personnel needs.

The most important position on the field is quarterback and that position is one reason why Rutgers had such a disappointing season in 2015.

I've decided to compile a list of possible starting QBs for the upcoming season. Each candidate will have his own article.

Yesterday, I covered Hayden Rettig. Today, we will look at The Italian Stallion, Giovanni "Gio" Rescigno.

The Numbers

Rescigno has yet to play a college snap, so listed above are his stats from his senior year in high school. He only started one year becuase he was stuck behind 5-star Michigan QB Shane Morris. While his numbers don't jump off the screen, he has very impressive film. In addition, he played some WR during his sophomore and junior years. He racked up 616 rushing and receiving yards and 2 total TDs during that timespan. He is a proven all-around athlete and even played varsity basketball. However, his calling is as a QB and his film indicates he is the best talent to run the spread offense.


  • Played in a spread offense in high school
  • Fit the ball into tight windows
  • Great size (6-4, 225)
  • Comes from a football powerhouse
  • Best athlete of any QB on the roster or committed
  • Blue-collar work ethic
  • Looks like a pretty nice guy
  • Rutgers fans can reuse their Brandon Coleman jerseys if he is the starter


  • Incredibly varied rankings as a recruit
  • No college experience
  • 1 year (9 games) as a starting QB in the last 6 years
  • Complete wildcard

Can he be the guy?

YES. At least I think so. He is a f*cking racehorse compared to the rest of the QBs on the roster and still has elite size for a QB. Very seldom do you see a QB with his size who can rip off a 4.71 40-yard dash. Aside from his athleticism, he is a huge question mark. As I mentioned, he has only started 9 games in the past 6 years. He did not dominate the high school scene and didn't put up elite stats. He hasn't had a chance at Rutgers yet but will undoubtedly have a fair shot to win the job during camp. By just looking at his background, he could be the best fit as both a passer. He is the only QB who can consistently keep defenses honest with his ability to run the ball. He is, in my opinion, the most intriguing option at QB for 2016 and I am incredibly excited to see how he does in Drew Mehringer's offense.

Bottom Line

Besides his athleticism, there are too many unknowns regarding Rescigno. He is my favorite QB to run the offense in 2016 but I can't be confident since I have barely seen him play. Spring camp will be the deciding factor for Rescigno, as that period will be plenty of time for him to prove that he is the right guy for the offense. He will be a RS-sophomore, so has two years of experience with these guys. The bottom line is he has too many question marks for me to form a definitive opinion on his overall body of work.

Chances of being starter Week 1, 2016: 30%

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