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Finding the QB for 2016: Chris Laviano

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

With a new offense comes a new playbook and new personnel needs.

The most important position on the field is quarterback and that position is one reason why Rutgers had such a disappointing season in 2015.

I've decided to compile a list of possible starting QBs for the upcoming season. Each candidate will have his own article.

Where else to start but last year's starter, Chris Laviano?

The Numbers

Not much explanation needed here. We all know Laviano's story. For those outsiders, allow me to explain: Laviano knew the playbook and Hayden Rettig was apparently not smart enough to start in a meaningful game and had ex-coach Kyle Flood scared for the players' safety. Laviano started and was the most mediocre QB in Rutgers history. He only averaged 17-18 pass attempts/game, a statistic which perfectly depicts how the coaches couldn't trust him to win a game.


  • Familiarity with current roster
  • Can run a lil bit
  • Has a cool tattoo


  • Below-average at best
  • Off-field issues
  • Can't win a game by himself
  • Doesn't have Leonte Carroo
  • Gives off a negative vibe
  • Fans will be pissed off if he starts another game
  • Doesn't know the playbook anymore

Can he be the guy?

No. No. and No. If this were the NFL, he would be the furthest thing from a franchise QB. That is the best way I can put it. Unfortunately, Laviano is not the answer. He was forced into a tough position in 2015 but did not handle it with the utmost dignity and with high character, unlike his backup Hayden Rettig.

Bottom Line

Chris Laviano can run pretty well, which is really his only positive trait when evaluating him. He is no 2004 Michael Vick, but he can move pretty well. That being said, he has a noodle-arm and has proven that he can't throw to anyone else besides Leonte Carroo. It is no surprise that Rutgers fans grew tired of him, even if it was the fact that they always though of him and Flood as a package deal. Laviano didn't get fired and is still here, but I don't think he is talented enough to start again, especially after the 2015 dumpster fire. However, Drew Mehringer could be his saving grace and Laviano could be an elite QB in 2016. You never know.

Chances of being starter Week 1, 2016: 10%