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If you build it...well, we are!

Everyone's favorite Athletic Director has stepped up to the plate....just like we expected.

Rutgers University

The official release says this:

The Rutgers University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics today announced "R Big Ten Build," a targeted campaign to raise $100 million for new or expanded athletic facilities. Every Rutgers head coach and senior administrator has already contributed, including Head Football Coach Chris Ash, Head Men's Basketball Coach Eddie Jordan and Director of Athletics Patrick Hobbs, who have each pledged $50,000 to the initiative.

It's happening, boys and girls.  Are you in?  That's the question that Pat Hobbs asks in this introductory video.  It's about three minutes long.

If that doesn't get you pumped up, why are you reading this?

It's called R B1G Build.  It's here, it's real, it's happening.

The announcement states that Phase 1 will include three areas: the Multisport Training Complex adjacent to the Rutgers Athletic Center (the basketball training facility), a Lacrosse and Soccer Training Complex, and a Football Training Complex/Expansion of the Hale Center.

We all know or have some awareness of the basketball facility.  The other two are the new kids, and they are a part of the opening round of construction.  In the video. Hobbs states that the full implementation of all athletic facilities would run around $100 million.

The multisport facility appears to be a four-story building with wrestling and basketball shown on the "fourth floor".  Gymnastics and volleyball would each be on their own levels and the first floor would house the Leadership Academy, the AD's office and a sports nutrition cafe. Below is the fourth floor layout.

On the website, there are architectural drawings and floor plans.  The soccer/lacrosse/tennis one seems to be adjacent to Yurcak Field, and may overtake the Blue Lot for football.  At least that's what it looks like based on the drawing. If that's Yurcak in the distance, then the proposed two-story facility for the five sports sits at one end of the field.  The drawing at the top of this post seems to confirm thst.

You would also have to presume that tennis courts would be added to this area. I hope so, because the current tennis set up is horrible.

Hobbs points out that the state has kicked in with the tax credits.  He, Ash, and Jordan have all pledged $50,000, and he goes on to say that every coach and every senior administrator has pledged money.  Now, the question is, are you in?

Ready to give?  This is where to go.