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Finding the QB for 2016 (or 2017): New offers dished out

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Following the decommitment of Anthony Russo, Drew Mehringer and co. went out and offered three dual-threat quarterbacks. All three are potential commits, although the staff has around two weeks before National Signing Day to close on them. Let's take a look at all three.

Tylin Oden - Louisville commit (soft)

Oden was the first QB offered by Rutgers. At 6-5 180, he is too slight to start as a true freshman. He is also incredibly raw and I don't see him as a fit to start in 2016 if he winds up at Rutgers. That being said, he is incredibly talented and has really impressive film. If Rutgers is able to close on the "soft" Louisville commit, he would have the best chance to start as a RS-freshman in 2017.

Unless there is a huge need for QB, Oden would have no choice but to take that redshirt year. He would have to gain at least 30 pounds to be a starter in the B1G. Because of this, there is a chance that the staff tries to land Oden and one of the two following QBs on this list.

Lindsey Scott - Syracuse commit

Although only 5-11, Scott is an incredible athlete who is a perfect fit for the new Rutgers offense. You can tell by his stats, which are absolutely ridiculous, that he is a true dual-threat. In 15 games, he put up 5000 (!!!) yards of offense. That is 333 yards/game. He is a Syracuse commit, but it is Syracuse. I imagine if the staff really wants Scott, they should be able to get him. He wouldn't be an early enrollee, so he most likely wouldn't start week 1. I don't know if he would be able to play as a true freshman, but I wouldn't rule it out. He is such a perfect fit for the offense and with the 3 new offers given out the past week, Drew Mehringer has made it clear that his ideal QB is a runner.

Tyrrell Pigrome - Uncommitted

Pigrome seems to be a QB that lots of people are talking about. He is not committed anywhere, so there are no hoops to jump through in that area. Like Scott, he is only 5-11, but that is not an issue in this offense. He will be asked to make quick reads and throw quick passes and run the football. Judging by his tape and his stats, that is something not unknown to him. He even has the stamp of approval from current HB Robert Martin.

One problem with Pigrome is that he has all of his official visits scheduled. Rutgers will have to force him to pick them over either Tulane, Virginia Tech, or Maryland. If they get that visit, they are in a very good position for Pigrome.

The Final Verdict

It seems like Rutgers can make a strong push and land any one of these QBs. However, it does not seem like any of them would be able to start week one unless they really put on a show during fall camp. Even if they don't start right away, they may be able to get their feet wet in certain game situations or even take over later in the season. My prediction: Rutgers lands one of these three and that QB will start at least 1 game in 2016 and be the full-time starter in 2017. While this may not necessarily be an article focusing on the QB for 2016, it is definitely forecasting the QB of the future.