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Rutgers offers Tylin Oden, 2016 QB

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

With the news of Anthony Russo still fresh in the minds of Rutgers fans, the coaching staff did not seem to be concerned. Today, they went out and offered 2016 QB Tylin Oden. Oden is considered a "soft" commit to Louisville, where 4-star QB Juwan Pass is already committed.

The offer from Rutgers looks to be significant for Oden, as he is clearly not trying to go to Louisville. My thoughts are that he is staying committed in case he did not have anywhere new to go. The Rutgers offer could come as a saving grace for Oden, who would fit like a glove in Drew Mehringer's offense/.

He has houdini-like escapability, but can still stand tall in the pocket and make throws. He plays similar to Deshaun Watson, but is 6-5. At 185 lbs, he needs to put more weight on to play in the B1G. However, if he comes into camp a little bigger and plays to his level, he could be starting as a true freshman.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Stay tuned.