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Carl Kirschner reported out as chair of Academic Oversight Committee

Carl Kirshner was the interim AD who hired Eddie Jordan. He has been the chair of the Academic Oversight Committee for Intercollegiate Athletics, the group that approves admission of athletes to the University. But is he any more?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Gannett's Ryan Dunleavy, citing "multiple sources", reported that Carl Kirshner, the two-time interim athletic director, is no longer the chair of the Athletics Oversight Committee.

According to Dunleavy's story, which first appeared last Friday,

The move appears to be more fallout from an abnormal year at the intersection of academics and athletics. It is believed that Kirschner will remain with the university in some capacities, but Rutgers officials did not respond to a request for comment.

The "fallout", of course, is the barrage of issues surrounding football players that ultimately led to the firing of former head coach Kyle Flood and former AD Julie Hermann.  In particular, was the improper contact that Flood had with an instructor.  In the final report by the investigating firm, SAIBER LLC, Flood was found to have violated policies and procedures which led to his three-game suspension in mid-season.  That report indicated that there were three academic advisors interviewed during the investigation, though none is named.  It also reports that Kirshner - again, not by name - was interviewed as part of the investigation.

According to Dunleavy, neither Rutgers or Kirshner responded to a request for comment.  As of today, Kirshner is still on the athletics website, listed as still being the chair of the committee.  And no additional story has been filed by anyone.

The report didn't stop Kirshner from attending the Rutgers-Michigan State wrestling match on Friday night (photo below) with Scott Walker, the Executive Director of Football Academic Support Services.  Walker is the individual in charge of the advisors cited in the Flood report.

photo by rvc73

Kirshner was the dean of Rutgers College for 13 years and has been a supporter of athletics from the academic side for far longer than that.  As more information becomes available, On the Banks will bring you updates.