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Uniforms: Kill the "red" and upgrade the road whites - It's Time!

We have firmly established that the current "red" uniforms, uhhh, well they suck. And if we're redesigning uniforms, we might as well do the road whites, too. Here we go.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday we took a look at some new RED (or scarlet or anything but what we have!) uniform possibilities.  We mentioned that our Griffin Whitmer did a few posts on the best and worst RU football uniforms of the recent past.  And the one thing that seemed to be constant was that you may have liked the concept of the battle-scarred helmets, but the mushy red unis with the unreadable numbers had to go.  Like yesterday!

Today, we take a look at road whites.  The truth is, the road uniforms aren't that bad, and we definitely need to keep the helmets (in my most humble opinion).  But if we're cleaning house, well.........

#1 Tradition

For the purist in us, this is about as pure and clean as it gets.  White on white, red numbers with black trim.  You know, so you can actually read the numbers.

#2 Tradition with a twist

It's tradition with a liiiiiittle flare on the shoulders.  Gotta have some sparkle.

#3 Tradition with a little less flare

So, here's the truth.  It's a white jersey.  How much can you do with it?  We gave it red shoulder patches to add a little something without making it look too much like Ohio State.

#4 Red pants....whoo hoo!

Red pants brings us back to some throwback-ish uniforms.  At least these are actually RED!

#5 Road white meet blackout

I kinda like the black pants.  And it is a bit of an homage to the uniforms of the Mike McMahon/Terry Shea era (yes, forgettable on the field but uniforms that were not too bad).

Let's get Nike on the phone and let them know that change is needed.  Because the contract expires in 18 months and if we ain't happy with what we're getting, there are other companies that might be interested in providing apparel for a freakin' BIG TEN TEAM!!!

But I digress.  So, whatcha think?  Intriguing? Disgusting?  Let us know in the comments....and don't forget to vote in the poll.