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Chris Laviano named starter for Washington State

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

According to ESPN's Joe Schad, Chris Laviano will be the starter for the Washington State game.

This comes as disappointing news to some Knights fans, as Hayden Rettig was easily the fan favorite. However, Kyle Flood knows a lot more about these two players than we ever will. While there aren't many details relating to Rettig's playing time, it is clear that Laviano is Flood's guy.

Flood let Laviano stretch the field against Norfolk State and let him have a lot more leeway.

However, this isn't the end of the Hayden Rettig era. If Laviano struggles against Wazzu, Rettig could find himself in the game with the chance to win the job for good. Saturday seems to be the final chance for either quarterback to separate themselves because there needs to be a starter set in stone for ttfp on September 19th.

Check out my piece on the QB battle from yesterday here. I noted that the job was trending in Laviano's direction following the game. I think most fans got that vibe, whether they liked it or not. But once again, Laviano is not the starter for 2015, yet.

As far as we should be concerned, this battle is still ongoing. Neither player has done anything on the field to give Flood a reason to bench them. Both were very strong against Norfolk State and look to build on that against Wazzu.