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Rutgers vs Norfolk State // Game Preview

What to look for in the Scarlet Knights' opener against Norfolk State

Uhhhh.... Kyle Flood? Julie? Robert?

He said he plans to coach. People think he really should be fired. Maybe Julie lets him coach against Norfolk St. then kicks him to the curb. However, in order to fire Flood, she is gonna have to open her mouth for once. In regards to Kyle Flood's chances of coaching this game: if Kyle Flood is on my fantasy team, I'm not starting him.

Team Character

One thing this team doesn't lack is leadership. How will Darius Hamilton an Co. rally the team around their beloved head coach and tune out the distractions to play great football? One thing is for sure: Flood has the support of his team and they will play for him,


Pass Heavy

Kyle Flood is itching for a QB to show up and make big plays and Chris Laviano's suspension lets Hayden Rettig take advantage of the spotlight. In the first half, expect Rutgers to pass the ball a lot more than they should, just to see how Rettig works, especially without Leonte Carroo. That will obviously be Rettig's biggest challenge, as he will have to spread the ball to the likes of Janarion "Grills" Grant, Andre Patton, and Carlton Agudosi. However, if Rettig proves potent without his star wideout, it will leave no doubt in Flood's mind that Rettig is the guy to carry the team this year.

Tight Ends

Tight ends... anyone? Anyone? Someone has got to step up and make plays from the tight end spot. It seems like Nick Arcidiacono's job to lose, but by no means does he have the starting job locked up. Expect many plays called for the tight ends to see who can separate themselves against live competition.


DBs NEED to step up

It seems like every defensive back on the team was arrested and now the top 3 CBs are all freshman. Blessuan Austin was expected to start. Isaiah Wharton and true freshman Jarius Adams will now be forced into bigger roles as a result of the arrests of Ruhann Peele and Dre Boggs. Anthony Cioffi now looks to get the start at FS and Davon Jacobs will start at SS, as expected. This group is very young an inexperienced and may not have their hands full with Norfolk St, but they will need to show up and ball out.

Is JPO as advertised?

Kyle Flood hasn't said enough great things about Julian Pinnix-Odrick, who will start at 3T in place of Darius Hamilton. If he is as good as advertised, Joe Rossi will have to find a way to get him and Hamilton on the field at the same time when Hamilton is healthy. This could be in nickel packages, where they go with two 3-techniques lined up against guards instead of a nose tackle.

What else to keep an eye on


Will fans pack the stadium to see the "new look" and highly controversial Rutgers program? Does anyone even give a crap, especially since it is Norfolk State? Will Rutgers finally stop lying about the attendance? We can only wait and see what the stadium atmosphere has in store for us tomorrow.

Will Julie make an appearance?

It seems that she makes an appearance on the field at every game, handing out an award or something of that matter. If she dares to make a public appearance, she is due for the loudest chorus of boos in possibly the history of Rutgers.


With $100,000 on the line, can Janarion "Grills" Grant run back the first kickoff he sees all the way? If he does, 100 students will receive $1,000 each. No pressure.

UPDATE 11:00 AM: I am admittedly an offender as well... but from now on let's focus the comment section on the actual game itself and move away from other university events. This IS a game preview so let's focus the comments on that. Thanks!