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Rutgers Football: OTB Staff Game Predictions v. Norfolk State

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Griffin Whitmer: Hayden Rettig has his starting job on the line. He pulls a Nova-Carroo 2014 and chucks up an 80-yard bomb to none other than Janarion "Grills" Grant. He doesn't let up and throws for 200 yards and 3 TDs in a pass-heavy first half. He comes out in the second half with authority of the offense and leads a potent rushing game up and down the field. The offense shines against a cupcake defense and obliterates Norfolk St. Rutgers 56-3.

Bob Cancro: When I first wrote this, there was only one issue to deal with; I have no freakin' idea what to think now. Sheesh! Two-headed QB, two-headed team.  Rettig makes the most of his time at QB in the first half, but Laviano does just as well in half two, coming into the game for the start of the second half with a 24 point lead.  Flood eases both signal-callers into the season with heavy doses of running.  Chants of "Flood...Flood...Flood" and a few "Barchi must go" echo throughout.  And assuming Barchi even attends the game, he quietly leaves at half time.  Rutgers 42-0. Or maybe not. I'm very tired.

Aaron Breitman: This team comes out looking for blood and the outcome is never in doubt.  Hayden Rettig has a strong debut and is pulled mid-way through the 3rd quarter due to the blowout.  Chris Laviano does just ok and nothing to threaten Rettig not being named the starter in week 2.  The biggest sigh of relief is witnessing Paul James back to his old self with two long touchdowns, one running and one catching it out of the backfield.  The defense overwhelms and gains valuable experience for next  week's pass happy opponent, Washington State.  Rutgers 45-14.

Andy Egan: Norfolk State has never scored a point against Rutgers. That doesn't change this week. Rutgers cruises despite five players suspended for the first half, and uncertainty still swirling around Kyle Flood. Rutgers has FOUR players with over 100 yards rushing, and five different people score TDs. The defense plays fast and aggressive, and our superior size overwhelms Norfolk State, who, in an effort to compensate, sets a new record for holding penalties. Rutgers superior conditioning also shines, as the Scarlet Knights stay strong while Norfolk players cramp up in the afternoon sun over and over. 38-0 Scarlet Knights.

Scott Logan: I really wish the story here was the game. We've all been waiting anxiously for football to come back, and now we're saddled with investigations and suspensions. On Saturday, the team does its part to make those talks take a backseat. Hayden Rettig thrives, despite not having Leonte Carroo for a half. Paul James reminds us just how good he is, tallying over 100 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Josh Hicks gets in on the fun, also passing the century mark and reaching the end zone. The defense, despite being without Dre Boggs, Delon Stephenson, Ruhann Peele and Nadir Barnwell dominates Norfolk State, shutting them out once again. Rutgers 41-0.

Ray Ransom: Well, this is going to be an interesting season, isn't it? I think this early game sets the tone for what is going to be a rocky, exciting, potentially explosive ride. Rutgers, exhausted from a week of speculation, drama and upheaval, comes out flat. The Spartans drive on an inexperienced secondary missing the explosion of Darius Hamilton and Kemoko Turay up front and put up a flurry of points. By halftime, Rutgers is down 7-17 and the upset alert sounds across the networks of college football. After halftime, the team comes out with hair on fire and the depth of talent takes over. Rutgers runs over the undersized Norfolk State defenders and keeps the defense fresh enough to contain their overmatched opponent. Rutgers wins going away, but major question surround a program that was once looking to turn the corner. Rutgers 48-20.

Kelly Montagna: Perhaps the only sanctuary the Rutgers players will be able to find this week will be on the field at High Point Solutions Stadium this Saturday. The Scarlet Knights are going to come out of the gate firing on all cylinders, as they look to get off to a fast start this season. Don't think for a second they won't be playing with an extra chip on their shoulder for their beloved coach amidst the email allegations. Hayden Rettig will look to prove he's worthy of the starting QB role, and will lead Rutgers to a fast start, with three touchdowns in the first half. With the recent losses on defense, Norfolk State will look to capitalize, but their inept offense will not move the ball efficiently the entire game. Don't worry Rutgers fans, this weekend should finally bring some good news! Rutgers 30-10.