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Spanning the College World: another look at the world around us

Spanning the Collegiate World is here to enlighten and illuminate your day. Wouldn't it be nice if something did? And if we can, we'll do our best to take a shot or two at the SEC, Syracuse, and/or UConn.


Some Extra Rutgers Notes

Sometimes news about RU's teams comes out at times that don't mesh with when we go live with a post or digest of items, like Olympic sports news.  So here are a few additional items that missed our deadlines.

Big Ten Golfers to Watch

The Big Ten announced its 2015-16 Men's and Women's Golfers to Watch Lists on Wednesday, with three students from each conference team completing the list. Thirty-five golfers were named to the preseason watch list for the second straight year, and 20 honorees earned All-Big Ten honors in 2015.  Three men and three women were naned fr each conference school.  For the Knights' men, Jonathan Chang (Sr.), Matt Holuta (So.), and Toks Pedro (So.) made the list.  On the women's side, Emily Mills (So.), Christina Paulsen (Sr.), and Racquel Zurick (Sr.) were named.

Wrestling in the rankings

Eight Big Ten teams made the Top 25.  Full list is here.

New Jersey's Team....on the radio

Every area of the state is now covered for football.  IMG, Rutgers' marketing group, has expanded the football radio network to stations in Camden and Atlantic City.  The story and coverage map are here.  Two Rutgers games will be broadcast by New York's ESPN outlet (98.7): Washington State on 9/12 and Kansas on 9/26.

Uniforms, uniforms, and more uniforms

There is a lot of stuff written about uniforms.  Equipment managers have their own Twitter accounts - and, yes, Rutgers is one of them: @RutgersFB_EQ Here are some items we found leading up to the first weekend of the season.

Fighting Shamrocks

Let me get this out there first: barf! Okay, if I went to Notre Dame, I would love this.  Love, love, love, love this.  But next to a certain team in central Pennsylvania, is there a fanbase that is more pompous, obnoxious and self-promoting than that of the Irish?  And personally, I don't think these uniforms are that nice.  But for a game up there, we are offering tribute to Boston - any Irish live there? - and so we have a special uniform.  As I said....barf.

Louisville, in some language, must translate to Ugly Uniform

Does anyone like their uniforms?  Adidas is just trying waaaay too hard.

And responses to that tweet.....

A bridge duck too far?

Really?  Stop.....please, just....stop.

It pays to be the visitor

There are those schools - especially those in FCS - who look forward to their annual payday game against a FBS team.  Take Norfolk State this Saturday.  Wanna guess what their check is for coming up from Virginia?  From an Open Public Records request (my new favorite pasttime), the Spartans will be getting $360,000.  They received $330,000 in 2013.

But wait....there's more!  The night before the game, Rutgers will provide 50 hotel rooms and two hotel suites for NSU.  And what else, Johnny?  A corporate hospitality tent, suitable for 100 of your closest friends near the stadium along with food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Aaaaand?  300 complimentary tickets to the game.  Free seating for their band (if they travel).  Aaaaand?  The opportunity to purchase up to 1,000 game tickets.  There's other stuff in there, but it isn't as much fun as the dollars.  Oh, if for some reason the game isn't played at the fault of Norfolk State, they pay Rutgers $1.5 million.

We are B1G....or at least BTN

Happy Anniversary, Dave!

Sports reflecting life

Every now and then, we need to stop and look around to realize that this - sports of any kind - is just a game.  Life is a lot more serious.  And three schools that I know of are stopping to pay honor to tragedies that impacted them.

From the murders in Virginia....

And in South Carolina.....

Well done.

I'll take "Eighth oldest American college" for $1000, Alex.