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KNIGHT CAPS: A whirlwind tour de force of Scarlet Nation

Football, basketball...yeah we got it. Olympic sports.....check. What else is going on? Well, that's why you're reading this.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

WSOC Update

The women moved up this week in the rankings.  We reported the No. 10 ranking earlier in the week from TopDrawer Soccer.  But the other polls also moved Rutgers up as noted here:

Rutgers in the Rankings – 2015
Date NSCAA Soccer America TopDrawer Soccer NCAA RPI
Preseason 24 NR 22 N/A
Week 1 24 NR 21 N/A
Week 2 22 23 18 N/A
Week 3 19 20 13 N/A
Week 4 15 16 13 N/A
Week 5 11 16 10 2

It's Time for least practice. And you can watch.  This is a very cool idea.

Stop the tailgate for a bit, take a walk over to Athletes Glen and watch.  You will not be disappointed.

Speaking of wrestling.....

Goodale and the staff have been putting out these tweets periodically, highlighting members of the squad.  Great promotional idea.

Life goes on, with or without the head coach

Kyle Flood's suspension precludes him from being on the sidelines for three games.  Apparently, Associate Head Coach Norries Wilson will be addressing the media during the week as well.  Last week, Wilson also filled in for Flood on his weekly radio show, something that happened again last night.

So far during the suspension, Flood has not faced the media, or the public.  And I can't fault him or the University for that action.  As I've said in other situations, no good could come of that.

Women's Hoops on BTN

The Rutgers women's basketball team has announced times and television dates for its 2015-16 schedule on Tuesday. The Scarlet Knights will be featured on the Big Ten Network five times and have dates with Ohio State and Maryland at home in front of the ESPN2 cameras.  Rutgers nonconference contest with LSU at the RAC on Dec. 19 will air on BTN, as will conference dates at Iowa on Jan. 4, at Nebraska on Jan. 16, at Michigan State on Jan. 19 and Illinois on Feb. 13.

The Pride of New Jersey celebrates its 100th Anniversary

Big Ten Treasure Hunter

One of my favorite BTN programs is back.  John Arcand is the Big Ten treasure hunter, seeking out collectors of Big Ten memorabilia.   We did a few posts last year on Rutgers memorabilia, and if anyone out there has a collection, let me know.  Two can play that game!!

Ice is Nice

It's late September (....and I really should be back at school....rock on, Rod!).  So it must be time for ice hockey!

Rutgers Ice Knights - still hoping to get varsity status - will open the season next weekend against Lebanon Valley College at ProSkate Arena in South Brunswick.  Football has a bye week.  Men's soccer is at night.  Why not watch some Rutgers hockey?