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Spanning the Collegiate World: News & Notes From All Around

Come for the football, stay for all the other stuff we have here. Tidbits and tantalizing items.....along with some Big Ten Weekly Honors

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Another week of good stuff from around college sports.  And we start off with the Big Ten's honor rolls for last week's games for football and those that included Scarlet Knights.

Big Ten Honors - Football

Offensive Player of the Week
Aaron Burbridge, Michigan State, Sr., WR

Defensive Player of the Week
Anthony Walker, Northwestern, So., LB

Special Teams Player of the Week
Marshall Koehn, Iowa, Sr., K

Co-Freshmen of the Week
Jonathan Crawford, Indiana, S

Saquon Barkley, Penn State, RB

Big Ten Honors - Men's Soccer

Offensive Player of the Week

Jason Wright, Rutgers, F - So.

  • Last Rutgers Offensive Player of the Week: Jason Wright (Sept. 1, 2015)

State paydays....who makes the most?

How many times have you heard or read how Greg Schiano, and now Kyle Flood, is the highest paid state employee?  Well, it isn't just in New Jersey.  Which "state employee" makes the most in each state?  Well, only ten are not football or basketball coaches,  and most are in states without FBS teams.  So, which state employee in each state has the largest income?  At least, those being paid legally by paycheck.

Non-Sports States/Position

Alaska - President, University of Alaska

Delaware - Nursing Supervisor, Delaware Psychiatric Center

Maine - President, University of Maine

Montana - Commissioner of Higher Education

Nevada - Surgeon, Associate Professor, University of Nevada School of Medicine

New Hampshire - President, UNH

New York - Clinical Chair, Roswell Cancer Institute

North Dakota - Surgery Chair, UND

South Dakota - Medical School Dean, USD

Vermont - President, University of Vermont

Kyle Flood is number one in NJ, Danny Hurley (RI), Nick Saban, Jim Harbaugh, and Kevin Ollie (CT) are all number one in their respective states.

Bad form....I mean really bad

Our Ray Ransom wrote about showing respect to our Nittany neighbors and ending references to ttfp. Scott Logan wrote about the language some of our students (and maybe others) were using in chants about Penn State.  But we are all choir boys compared to the lunatics, louts, and scum from Syracuse who decided it would be perfectly acceptable to put out threats against the life of a Central Michigan player who knocked the Syracuse QB out of the game.  Oh, the officials got the foul and the player was ejected.  But thanks to the wonders of technology and the anonymity of Twitter and other social media, the degenerates from upstate New York thought this was really cool:

I originally was going to use the SB Nation site Hustle Belt story, but they used many of the original tweets and they were....well, they were vile, filthy, and I had no use for them here.  I want to believe Rutgers fans have more class and more brains than that.  I hope so.

Those players come from where?

Keep the kids from New Jersey and we'll be champs.  Right?  Well, maybe.  But we - and just about everyone else - make a pretty good push for players in the Sunshine State.  And national writers take notice, as seen here.

Keep the best kids in Florida (say the Florida schools) and we'll be champs.  And they do keep their kids.  Of the top ten schools pulling players from FLA, only four are not in Florida, with Ohio State at No. 4. The Golden Domers are the only other non-southern school in the top ten.

Who was watching those games?

Every now and then, you hear about the glut of college games on TV.  Personally, I'd binge watch pretty much anything that was using NCAA rules.  Really.  But there is no doubt that there are a lot of games: ESPN, BTN, Fox, CBS, ND on NBC, regional and conference packages.  But is anyone watching?

This past weekend, the overnight numbers for Notre Dame (aren't they everyone's darlings?) were down for the game against Georgia Tech.  The viewership for the game paled compared to prior years' games against Michigan and Michigan State, and trailed ABC's regional games in the afternoon.

As for the PSU-RU game, no numbers were immediately available.  But games of Sept. 12 were, and looking at the numbers, you start to understand why Jim Delany wanted Rutgers.

Rtg. Viewers Time Game Net
4.8 7.898M 8:06 PM Oregon ABC
Michigan St.
N/A 949K Noon Buffalo ESPN2
Penn State
N/A 461K 3:30 PM Washington St. ESPNU
N/A 444K Noon Miami (OH) ESPNU
N/A 166K 8:00 PM Temple ESPNEWS
N/A 101K Noon Indiana St. ESPNEWS
N/A 59K 4:00 PM E. Illinois ESPNEWS
N/A 10K 4:45 PM* Iowa FS2
Iowa State

A game against a West Coast team that isn't a household name....almost a half million viewers?  That ain't bad.  It certainly beat Iowa-Iowa State and a few other Big Ten-involved games.  By a lot.