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Chip Kelly to Rutgers: Start the rumors!

After being embarrassed by the Cowboys on Sunday, Eagles coach Chip Kelly is the latest name circulating for the Rutgers head coaching job, which isn't even an open position

(Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Ok, so this article isn't completely serious.

Or is it?

I am a huge Eagles fan and what I saw yesterday was simply pathetic. If they can't clean it up, Chip Kelly is as good as gone. In addition, it is very likely that Kyle Flood will not be coaching Rutgers in 2016. That leaves an empty coaching position and a big name that Rutgers craves just waiting to get hired.

During the abomination that was the Eagles/Cowboys game, rumors of Chip Kelly coming to The Banks were in full swing.

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I was the first fan to tweet that rumor during Sunday's game.

Soon after, the Twitterverse followed:

Now, these are all obviously rumors and possibly just knee-jerk reaction to the Eagles' awful game.  Keep in mind that Kelly is most likely too expensive for Rutgers to even think about. But then again, what if Jeff Towers really loves Chip Kelly?

You never know, and that is the glory of sports.  We're all sports fans so let's speculate and have fun while we can!