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Knights in the NFL: NFL Week 2 Recap

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It was another tough weekend of football for Rutgers fans. To help ease the pain of Saturday's loss, some alumnae made electrifying plays on Sunday. Below are some highlights from Week 2 in the NFL season:

Kenny Britt

Britt had a solid game for the Rams, highlighted by a fake double reverse 40 yard touchdown catch. After the big play, Britt couldn't help himself from talking a bit of trash to the Redskins defender, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. In doing so, the ref provided one of the funnier moments of the NFL weekend, tripping into the groin of Britt as he throws the flag.

Michael Burton

In an ugly 26-16 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, rookie Michael Burton saw his first NFL action Sunday. He had 1 carry for 2 yards. Perhaps to display how abysmal the Lions offense in Week 2, Burton along with LG Manny Ramirez were the only positive grades on the offensive side of the football, per PFF.

Brendan Coleman

Overall, Sunday was a poor performance for the New Orleans Saints, as they fell to the Tampa Bay Bucs, 26-19. Coming into the game, Coleman had high hopes of exposing the Bucs D filled with holes, but he was held to 3 catches for 33 yards. Fans' frustration in the Super Dome boiled over late in the game, as boos rained down on Coleman as he made a half-hearted attempt at pass thrown behind him from Drew Brees. In order for the Saints to improve from their disappointing 0-2 start this season, it will be imperative to get Coleman more involved in the offense, as he was only targeted 6 times this week.

Devin McCourty

McCourty accounted for 7 tackles as his New England Patriots had an impressive victory on the road against division rival, Buffalo Bills. Although the scoreboard showed 32 points for the Bills, the Pats defense was much more dominating than one would initially think, especially considering the hostile environment the team entered Sunday. However, the "us against the world" mentality is something McCourty and the rest of the team claim to have embraced. This mindset was certainly on display against the Bills, as the Pats won 40-32.

Duron Harmon

Right before the end of the first half, the Bills are moving the ball at midfield. They're in a 3rd and long situation, when Tyrod Taylor rolls to his left and throws the ball downfield. Duron Harmon, who is proving to have a nose for the ball, intercepts the pass, instantly stopping any momentum the Bills offense was looking to gather before halftime.

Logan Ryan

The Scarlet Knights on the Patriots D were making plays on Sunday from start to finish. In fact, the game ended with an awesome diving interception by Logan Ryan. The Bills began their desperation final drive down 8 by throwing a bomb to Sammy Watkins. The electric young receiver got a finger on the ball, tipping it in the air. Ryan came down with the ball, leading to the Tom Brady kneel down and another Patriots victory.

Week 2's Scarlet MVP

The Patriots Defense. I cannot help but clump these great performances together in a game that was supposed to showcase the NFL's best defense in Buffalo. This D was expected to be that belonging to the Bills, but instead, the Patriots showed just how stout their own defense can be. Highlighted by interceptions by Ryan and Harmon, these former Rutgers players continue to impress Belichick and the rest of Patriots Nation.