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Report States Rutgers Football Coach Kyle Flood Defied Academic Support Staff

The report states that sources indicated Flood was told not to contact the professor regarding Nadir Barnwell but did so anyway.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

A report in reference to the ongoing investigation of whether coach Kyle Flood improperly contacted a professor regarding Nadir Barnwell surfaced today.  The report by NJ Advance Media's Keith Sargeant, states two university officials are the unnamed sources claiming that Flood was specifically told not to contact the professor regarding Barnwell's grade for the class. According to the report, Barnwell's status was determined before the summer session as he did not accumulate enough credits to be eligible for the fall academic year.

Here are several quotes from the unnamed sources:

"The communication with him was clear as to the status of Nadir's grade and he still decided he could fight it,'' said one official, who claimed Flood "had a long paper trail of information'' and still contacted the professor.

Another official said: "It was already done and everybody in the program knew it. Kyle was told, 'It's done, leave it alone.' ''

I know there has been a lot of backlash towards the media regarding the investigation of Kyle Flood, specifically Sargeant who broke the original story regrading the investigation.  I have agreed that there have been sensational headlines and conjecture at times.  I want to wait until the university makes a formal announcement regarding the findings and ruling of the investigation.  I still believe in Flood and believe people make mistakes.  Mistakes that are made when trying to help people you care about and have a vested interest in are part of what makes us human.  However, this report is not good.  In my opinion, the university officials that are the unnamed sources leaked this to buy the school more time to complete the investigation.  Perhaps we find out today, but I think the university realizes the growing restlessness from this investigation not being completed needed to be addressed in some manner.  If the investigation is as complicated as this report makes it sound, it makes more sense as to how long this has taken so far.

I don't want to believe coach Flood did anything wrong more than you do.  But based on this report, if Flood was told the case of Barnwell was closed and not to contact the professor and then he contacted him anyway, that is clear insubordination.  The intent to help the welfare of the student would not matter.  We can only wait and see, and hopefully either way a decision is made soon.  Hopefully, if Flood was found of wrong doing, it's not enough to terminate him as head coach.  If it is a one time offense, its likely he would be retained although a suspension would be likely.  If the content of Flood's email was clearly asserting pressure or asking for a grade change, his fate looks more bleak.

I know there will be those who are unhappy that this report from Sargeant was reported on OTB, but this is relevant to the school and program we all love.  We are still waiting on the facts as reported by the university regarding this investigation.  Hopefully we will know soon so the football team and program as well as it's many supporters will have a resolution.  For now we nervously wait.

The report is linked here. Previous articles from other news sources citing Flood's job status is secure are here and here.