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Meet the New *Girl*: Kelly Montagna

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Hi All! My name is Kelly Montagna and I'll be a new staff writer for On the Banks. I'll be taking over the Knights in the NFL posts, as well as covering the Women's Basketball team. I am extremely excited for this opportunity to join the writing staff and contribute to this great sports site!

My earliest memory of Rutgers sports is from when I was just thirteen years old, visiting my cousin who was attending Rutgers at the time. She told me "After coming to one Rutgers football games, you won't want to watch a game anywhere else." As an avid Giants fan who's been attending games for years, I had my doubts about how these college games would stack up. Regardless, I was excited to attend the game on September 30, 2005, when Rutgers was taking on Pittsburgh. I watched as some Rutgers greats like Brian Leonard (my personal favorite Rutgers football player), Tiquan Underwood, and Ray Rice led the Scarlet Knights to a big victory over the Panthers. Suffice to say, the electrifying school spirit instantly had me hooked and I've been a big fan ever since!

One area that I am extremely excited to highlight while writing for On the Banks is the Women's Basketball team. While Rutgers football gets a lot of the headlines (because let's be real, who doesn't love football??), the ladies' hoops team has been one of the most successful parts of Rutgers athletics. For twenty years, Coach C. Vivian Stringer has led this powerhouse of a program and I cannot wait to help bring them the attention they deserve. I've always been drawn to Stringer's fiery and competitive attitude, and have really looked up to the way she handles herself on the bench and the knowledge she clearly has for the game. Basketball is my favorite sport, as I've played my whole life and coach for a middle school boys team in my hometown in North Jersey. Growing up in a state with a dominant women's basketball program served as great inspiration for me and plenty of other young women interested in sports.  I am hopeful my coverage of them may help bring even more exposure to this huge part of the Rutgers athletic community!

I look forward to writing for my fellow Rutgers fans out there and seeing any feedback you may have.