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Carli Lloyd Offers Support to Australian National Team

Carli Lloyd continues to be a Knight we are proud to call an alumna!

Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports
The US Women's National Team was scheduled to play Australia this afternoon in Detroit as part of their tour of international friendlies following their World Cup gold medal run. Unfortunately, this match was cancelled due to the Aussies' heavy negotiations between the Football Federation Australia and the players, who are seeking an increase in salaries and other benefits.
During the US's dominant run to a gold medal this past summer, it was well documented that women athletes receive unequal pay compared to that of their male counterparts. Propelling this discussion was the story that USWNT stars Morgan Brian and Meghan Klingenberg live with former NBA coach, Jeff Van Gundy, while playing for the Houston Dash as part of the team's host family program. While men in the MLS make an average of $305,000 per season, women playing in the National Women's Soccer League make only $14,000 on average.
This staggering disparity is an issue that extends far beyond the borders of the US, as women soccer players around the world are fighting for their right to equal pay. USWNT members have stepped up to voice their support of the Australian soccer players taking a stance on a fight that affects all women athletes. Amongst them are Carli Lloyd, who claimed these women are "priceless role models" who are fighting for an important cause.
This is not the first time Lloyd has used her new platform and international stardom to help with women's rights. Two weeks ago, it was announced that Lloyd would join a slate of keynote speakers on November 19th at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. This is the 12th annual conference that hosts thousands of women to provide them with networking and professional development opportunities.
While Lloyd and her teammates have commended the Australian women for being positive role models in taking hard stance against their unequal pay, they two have made a strong societal impact by bringing to light these important issues that must be corrected. Carli Lloyd is definitely proving to be a Knight we can all be proud of!
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