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Big Ten Attendance - not a sellout

Twelve B1G teams were at home this past weekend, including all the 100K+ stadiums. How'd they do filling them?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 of the season saw all the big stadiums in the conference in use (save Wisconsin which has yet to play at home).  But just having a big building and a rabid fan base doesn't always guarantee a full house.  More on that later.

Looking inward

The crowd for the Wazzou game was good.  Not great.  Not what we should aspire to as a P5 school.  But of more concern to me is a downward trend for the opening of the football season.  Consider the last three years and the opening two games each year.

PSU last year is the outlier.  But for the other five games to open the season, the trend is downward.  Not by thousands, but down. That isn't a good sign for a program that wants to be on the rise.

Of course, there may be a reason for the lower attendance this year....could outside distractions be a cause?

The Big Ten

Losing to Temple - pretty convincingly - and hosting Buffalo from the MAC didn't excite the fans in Happy Valley as the Nitts drew well under capacity at the erector set that is Beaver Stadium.  They nonetheless were the third largest crowd in the conference after the Fighting Harbaughs hosted their first home game under.....uhhh, the Fighting Harbaugh.

This week we're listing the numbers based on actual attendance, not percent of capacity.  Rutgers still holds its own against the lesser teams of the conference.  Worth noting that four of the top six attendance figures from last weekend were in the Eastern Division.

Week 2 9/12/15
School Attendance Capacity % Capacity Result
Michigan 109,651 109,901 99.77 W Ore St
Ohio State 107,145 102,329 104.71 W Hawaii
Penn State 93,065 107,282 86.75 W Buffalo
Nebraska 89,822 92,000 97.63 W S. Ala
Wisconsin 76,535 80,321 95.29 W Miami (Oh)
Michigan State 76,526 75,005 102.03 W Oregon
Rutgers 46,536 52,454 88.72 L Wash St
Indiana 41,509 52,929 78.42 W FIU
Purdue 41,158 62,500 65.85 W Ind St
Illinois 37,733 65,000 58.05 W W. Ill
Maryland 36,332 54,000 67.28 L Bowl Grn
Northwestern 29,131 47,130 61.81 W E. Ill

Old friends.....and schadenfreude.

At least I've learned how to spell schadenfreude without looking it up.

I'm guessing the Cuse is happier in the ACC than in the Big East for football.  Maybe.  Their conference opener at home - after winning their season opener - drew 22, 592 empty seats.

Opponent Attendance Capacity % Capacity
URI 30,112 49,262 61.13
Wake Forest 26,670 49,262 54.14

Traveling to East Hartford, the Huskies played Army.  I'm guessing the Cadets showed up, being a short bus ride away.  The numbers, though, at PAWS ARF were not impressive, not even equaling Northwestern's gate.

Opponent Attendance Capacity % Capacity
Villanova 26113 40,642 64.25
Army 28,260 40,642 69.53