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GIFs of the Weeeeeeeeeek: Big Plays vs. Washington State

A look at a few gems from a tough, tough loss to Washington State

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Yes, it was a heartbreaking loss. Yes, Mike Leach is a clown. Yes, Washington State fans, as far as we can tell, are insufferable. All of these things are true and when paired with the off-the-field shenanigans of the past few weeks, it's a tough time to be a Rutgers fan.

On the bright side, we have a great game coming up this weekend against our biggest rival, we have some young players stepping into the spotlight, and most importantly, we have some sweet gifs from an exciting contest this weekend. Let's check em out:

5. Big Cat Rumbles Down to the 1

Any time Big Cat makes a big play, there's a good chance it'll appear in this space. Great throw, great catch, great hustle.

4. Flananananananana Flanagan!

Great grab and the second TD in two weeks for Matt "Hands So Soft" Flanagan.

3. 48-Yards in the Rain

Lost in the all the grief: Federico's great start to the season. Also, the students were out in force. Nice job gang.

2. They Call Him Martin Martian

...because that run was out of this world.

1b. Grills to Pay the Bills

Vision, quicks, power. This guy has it all. This insane return would be #1, except that...

1a. Possibly the Most Wonderfully Filthy Punt Return Ever

Grillsanity in Piscataway

So there you have it. While the refs' fierce pass defense (SHOW ME THE OFFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE REF!!!) still cost us the win, there were a ton of great plays and memorable moments from the Cougar hunt.

Next up: You know who. TTFP WEEK BEGINS!