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The football side to Leonte Carroo's suspension

Where does the WR depth chart stand after Leonte Carroo's suspension

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers will now be without their best offensive player for the biggest game of the year and possibly for the remainder of the season. Carroo is Rutgers' most indispensable player on offense and inexperienced players are going to have to step up. Let's take a look and how the Knights are going to try to line up without their best player.

WR1: Andre Patton

Patton is the next best true wideout on the team. He only had one catch against Washington State and that is going to have to change going forward. He has great hands and incredible potential but hasn't had the ball thrown his way that much. Expect him to be the top target for the duration of the season.

WR2: Carlton Agudosi

Brandon Coleman 2.0 has been very quiet this year. However, we know he has the size and talent to be a force on the outside. He is a redshirt junior who has been raved about by coaches and teammates, but has yet to prove anything on the field. He will fill in Andre Patton's role as the #2 guy, but will get a lot more attention due to his size and raw ability.

Slot: Janarion "Grills" Grant

Grant is the most talented football player in this bunch, but lacks the size and skill set to start on the outside. He is best suited to be a top-notch slot receiver and his role will remain unchanged. However, Rutgers needs to find a way to get him the ball more, whether it be on jet sweeps or screens or just plain seam routes. He needs the ball in his hands to make plays and in my opinion is the most important player on the team now that Carroo is done.

The Other Guys

John Tsimis

Tsimis had a breakout game against Michigan last year, but has been injured so far this season. He will need to get healthy fast because Rutgers will need him for added depth and to have an occasional big game. He is a very similar player to Andre Patton and will have to come in during spread sets and make an impact.

Jawuan Harris

Harris has also been injured, but is a key depth player. He is talented enough to see the field as a true freshman but will need to be healthy first. I think Harris is very similar to Janarion Grant but will need to get his touches early in his career to better set him up for future success.

Vance Matthews

Mattews is a walk-on with great potential, During camp, he proved that he is deserving of a scholarship. All that's left is for him to prove it on the field. He may be forced in to games this year due to the fact that Patton and Grant are the only WRs on the roster to catch a pass this year and Tsimis and Harris are injured. Hopefully, he proves his potential and earns himself a scholarship with strong play this year.