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Gifs of the Weeeeeek: Norfolk State Spartans Beatdown Edition

The week in GIFs from around the Rutgersverse.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

A little late, but here are our GIFs of The Weeeeeeek for the Week 1 domination of a plucky but overmatched Norfolk State Spartans team.

Apologies if the gifs are large, but I wanted to get a nice size/resolution/framerate combination and quite frankly, life is too short to deal with crappy GIFs.

5a. Because This Run Was Just Too Sweet to Have Just 5

Warning: Arm tackles may be ineffective when applied to Hicks

5b. Can't Defend Perfect

Great throw, great catch. Tough to defend. Lotta reasons to like the Rettig-to-Patton connection

4. Rettig with Some Surprising Wheels!

Mariota he is not, but that was a nifty run...and how about that block from Muller!

3. One One Thousand...Two One Thous--

Look at Turay's hips and legs when he rushes. Dude defies gravity.

2. The Moment Things Got Out of Hand

Great moves, great blocking, great speed. This unit could be dangerous.

1. Thrice As Nice

Carroo is just filthy. I love on the second TD how Laviano hangs on the bootleg long enough to square his shoulders and get Carroo a pass he can run with, even though he got obliterated by the pass rusher. Poise on the run from Laviano, unbelievable play by Carroo.

Bonus: Kyle Flood is Battle Ready

What were you sayin' about Jersey football, Mr. Leach? Huh? What's that?

Really, all of the Big Ten promos are great. Check them out if you haven't yet.

Let's make sure any Wazzou fans we know get a look at that Kyle Flood GIF. I think they need to know what's going down tomorrow...