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Friday Fives: Best Teams in Rutgers History

To help with your withdrawal of football, we're introducing a new series that ranks various aspects of Rutgers Football leading up to the season opener against Norfolk State. Previously, we have looked at some of the best and worst uniforms as well as the best players. Today we will looking at the best team in Rutgers history.

5. 2012, 9-4

This was a tough spot to fill, as there were really only three spots that I felt confident in. However, as Aaron Breitman noted, this may have been the best defense in school history. The game against Kent State will forever be an asterisk on what was a great season. They say defense wins championships and this defense was the heart and soul of a team that won a share of the Big East title. If not for the late surge from Teddy Bridgewater and the damn Louisville Cardinals, the Scarlet Knights would have gone bowling BCS-style.

4. 1958, 8-1

This was the year of Bill Austin, and if not for a hand injury suffered by their star player, this Rutgers team may very well have been undefeated. The only loss was a 13-12 defeat to the Quantico Marines and Rutgers was clearly unhappy as they bashed Columbia 61-0 to end the season. In addition, every single win was by double digits which goes to prove how dominant this team was.

3. 1961, 9-0

One of the few undefeated teams in school history, this team was led by All-American Alex Kroll who wanted vengeance for the 1958 season. It seemed as if this team would face a similar 8-1 fate, until what is known as the greatest quarter in Rutgers history. The Scarlet Knights were down 19-7 late to Columbia before storming back and handily defeating the Lions 32-19.

2. 2006, 11-2

Although there were two losses, this team put Rutgers back on the map and had big-time wins. This team played a difficult schedule but made the most of it when they defeated Louisville in historic fashion and nearly went on the road and upset West Virginia for a BCS berth. The Scarlet Knights were ranked as high as 8th in the country and garnered loads of national attention with their 9-0 start. At the time, this team beat the highest ranked opponent in school history and won the school's first ever bowl game. The 2006 Rutgers Scarlet Knights will forever be remembered as one of the true great teams in school history.

1. 1976, 11-0

Led by legendary coach Frank Burns, the 1976 Scarlet Knights were THE team in Rutgers history. This is the team that everyone talks about and everyone remembers. It wasn't easy, as the Knights had to face a tough Colgate team and ultimately defeated them by a score of 17-9. This team was lead by an elite defense that led the country in total defense, rushing defense, and scoring defense. That year was also the tail end of Frank Burns' legendary 18-game winning streak. It will be difficult for another team to surpass the greatness of the 1976 Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

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