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James Franklin blocked me on Twitter!

In a disturbing - yet mildly and strangely amusing - turn of events, I found out that I'm blocked from James Franklin's Twitter account. Thank you, thank you very much. ** drops mike **

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Uhh, I guess I should be flattered.

It all started when I saw this tweet (should "tweet" be capitalized?) from the Rutgers Riot Squad:

And I wondered what had happened.  So I went to Coach Franklin's Twitter site and found this:

I am blocked from viewing James Franklin's Twitter account!  ME? Is the guy upset by something I wrote?  Here?

I mean, we're talking about a fan blog.  And the guy doesn't want me reading what he writes, or who he follows, or who follows him.  Me?

According to the information from the masters of the Twitterverse:

Blocking gives users the ability to hide and ignore unwanted communications. Once you have been blocked, you can still block other accounts (including any that have blocked you).

Well, I checked to see who else might fear the mighty pen, printed word, electronic sword of rvc73.  And I figured the best place to start was in the Big Ten, our competition.  So, I checked the head coaches of the Big Ten East.

After Griffin's piece on Maryland's "Movement", I thought, hey, Randy Edsall must think we're subversive.  Dangerous, even.  So I looked....

No problem there - I could access Edsall's Twitter site.  He may say, "Fear the Turtle", but apparently he doesn't fear OTB...or me.


Nope.  Actually, there's nobody in the East who has blocked me....except the Hypester.  Maybe Mike Riley at Nebraska.  He's a new coach, maybe getting his feet wet and his sea legs?  We play them this year so, he might not want us poking around his tweets.

Nah, I can read his tweets.  And Dantonio's, and Harbaugh's, and Kevin Wilson's, and Pat Fitzgerald's.  Even Darrell Hazell at Purdue, though he isn't very entertaining.  If that's really his site.

The one I really wasn't sure about was Paul Chryst at Wisconsin, but then, I'm not sure which Paul Chryst to even look at to figure it out.

There are at least fifteen Twitter accounts that reference the football coach Paul Chryst, in either his current (Wisconsin) or former self (Pitt).  But apparently none of them have blocked me.

So, what happened, James?  Are we too critical?  Too nasty, or snarky?  Do you not like us because we're from New Jersey or because we call you Coach Hype?  Maybe it's the cult references, and all the Kool-Aid that gets drunk in Happy Valley?  The non-rivalry?  You know, the rivalry you once said "made sense".

Well, let me tell you, buddy, two can play that game:

Regardless, I can't read Franklin's tweets.  So, gentle readers, if he says anything worth noting, if he really goes off on Rutgers or New Jersey or recruiting, let me know.  It might make a decent post.