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Friday Fives: Rutgers' Biggest Games

Spoiler Alert! ttfp makes an appearance!

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

5. Washington State | 9.12 | 3:30pm

This game is the first real test for the team as a whole but more importantly it is a huge game for the young secondary. Wazzu will sling the ball all over the field and it will be a long day for Blessaun Austin, Dre Boggs, and Isaiah Wharton. Even if they are able to contain the electric passing offense, they will most definitely be drained mentally and physically from the 60-ish pass plays Mike Leach will call. This is what we like to call a benchmark game and it will be interesting to see how Rutgers matches up with another P5 team.

4. Michigan State | 10.10 | 8pm

Rutgers has historically fared well in their blackout games, just ask the team one spot up. Feel free to ask the Arkansas fan base as well (If they're sober enough). Maybe Rutgers can work their blackout magic and ride the wave of a sellout crowd to upset Sparty and prove that they are legit.

3. Michigan | 11.7 | TBA

There is an incredible amount of hype around the Michigan program for 2015. Jim Harbaugh is being hailed as the second coming. Jabrill Peppers is being hailed as the third coming. Who knows what the fans are calling the recruiting class? 3--maybe even 4 of NJ's top players will bolt for Harbaugh come 2016. This game could be a huge statement to those recruits who think that there is always greener grass when Harbaugh grows it.

2. Maryland Twerpapins | 11.28 | TBA

Live look-in at the UMD quarterback battle

Live look-in at the UMD quarterback battle

Only one year in the league and Rutgers and Maryland have seemed to establish a rivalry. From the recuiting battles to Maryland's admirable ability to choke away 25-point leads, this matchup already has plenty of history. They are two programs that play at a similar level. All jokes aside, this matchup is an intriguing one that will remain a great game for years to come.

1. ttfp/nitty kitties/the team from not so happy valley, PA | 9.19 | 8pm

Need I say more? A win means more than I could put into words. The most hated team on the schedule and the most winnable of RU games against top quality B1G teams.