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Kyle Flood Making up Serious Ground on the Recruiting Trail

Kyle Flood has done a great job of getting big names on campus recently. Check out how those visits went and where Rutgers stands with these blue-chip recruits.

The commitment of Patrice Rene was a big one as it was the first 4-star commitment for Kyle Flood. However, Rutgers didn't seem positioned too well for other big-time players. That has all changed as some big names have made their way to Rutgers to check out practice and more.

The Visitors

Kelvin Harmon

About a month ago, Harmon was a lost cause. He was off to USCe and some RU fans wanted nothing to do with him. However, USCe's class is filling up fast and Kyle Flood and co. have swooped in to try to get the 4-star WR to join the 2016 class. In an interview with Todderick Hunt, Harmon noted that he never lost interest in Rutgers and that the amount of WRs committed to Rutgers won't affect his decision. This is great news for Rutgers, as the 4-star (Rivals) pass catcher is one of the best true WRs in the state.

JohnCarlo Valentin

Kyle Flood was able get the big man back on campus a couple of weeks ago and has solidified Rutgers as a contender for the Pennsylvania product. Valentin marches to the beat of his own drum has provided no official updates on his recruitment. He is a "signing-day recruit" for Rutgers, meaning that there will always be a spot in the class for him. Right now, Rutgers seems to be battling Arizona St. the most for Valentin. Think of this: If Rutgers land Valentin, they will have more PA recruits that went to The Opening than ttfp. Suck on that!

Jordan Fuller

Fuller is another signing-day recruit who was on campus just two days ago. Ohio St. is in the lead for his services, but Rutgers has been doing a good job of staying on pace. Fuller indicated that he will be back on campus to catch a game and possibly more. His quote to Todderick Hunt gives RU fans a readon for optimism:

"I feel very good about Rutgers. It's close to home. I loved my visit there, too. I love the coaches there. It's like a family definitely and I wouldn't mind repping Jersey."

Fuller always has a home at Rutgers and will be recruited until he signs.

Jovani Haskins

Hopefully the number of Haskins' to look away from RU stays at one. Jovani, Kelvin Harmon, had seemed to be a goner. However, Kyle Flood never gives up on a recruit and kept in touch with Haskins. It was almost a certainty that Haskins would go to Virginia Tech but as of now, 247 Sports has him Crystal Balled to Rutgers. His visit on campus really shifted the momentum in a huge was and the Top-10 Jersey product could finally shut up some of Kyle Flood's haters.

What This Means

It is most certainly a long shot that Rutgers lands all 4 of these players, but it is still a possibility. I would be disappointed and surprised if less than 2 of these players commit to Rutgers. Haskins comes at a major position of need and Ben McDaniels has done a great job of pitching him the pro-style offense and being a Gronk-like asset to the team.

I am shocked enough as it is that Rutgers got back on the radar for Haskins and Harmon. Both of these players are big-time offensive weapons from New Jersey that could be key pieces in an incredibly strong back half of this recruiting cycle for Kyle Flood.

Valentin and his teammate, Yasir Durant, are two top offensive line targets for Kyle Flood. I would not be surprised if Justin Morgan decommits from Rutgers, as he has has been looking around elsewhere. This could open up the door for Durant and Valentin to move up to the next level together. As it stands right now, there is not room for both of them, especially since Malcom Pridgeon is still on the table.

All in all, this is a top-notch job by Kyle Flood in staying in contact and never giving up on recruits. Many of these players have mentioned that they are constantly in contact with the RU staff and that is going to have to continue. If Flood lands 3--even just 2 of the 4 players above, this class will easily be his best ever.