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The Twitter Universe Reacts to Kwe Parker Committing to Rutgers Basketball

There was sound analysis, wild celebration, credit given to Eddie Jordan, admissions to being wrong, and of course, football!!

Kwe Parker's commitment to Rutgers yesterday set the twitter universe on fire!  And here at OTB we are still celebrating!!  Time to review what the analysts had to say as well as fans of Kwe and Rutgers basketball.

Jerry Carino provides great coverage of Rutgers basketball and I was happy to see he pointed out the recent recruiting accomplishments of Eddie Jordan and staff.  It is truly remarkable that this program has been able to bring in Freeman and now Parker while currently on a 15 game losing streak. Imagine if we finish with a winning record this season, there is no telling what Jordan and staff could do.  Corey Sanders being a key to Kwe's recruitment is no surprise.

Adam Zagoria had some positive quotes from Kwe's AAU coach in the article.  The Russ Smith comparison, regarding the former Louisville great, is a fun one to think about as he led them to a national championship.

Zach Braziller is a basketball writer for the NY Post so it was nice to see the acknowledgement of Eddie's big score.  We need the New York papers writing about Rutgers basketball in a positive way, every little bit helps on the recruiting trail.  We have several battles against St. John's brewing.

You did Josh and it was a massive get indeed!!

We already knew that Jeff.  Now it's time for all of the Big Ten to discover Kwe Parker, the basketball player who is a great athlete!

ESPN's Reggie Rankin had a full breakdown on the Insider page.  He was nice enough to let everyone know about his comparison of Kwe to former NBA first round pick, slam dunk champion and 12 year veteran Dee Brown.  Dave White is nodding his head in approval.

Back in late July, Chris Godfrey published an article on Busting about Kwe Parker's recruitment.  He gave Rutgers no chance in the article and I sent him the tweet above.  A conversation ensued and Chris being a class act, admitted defeat yesterday.  He is a good college basketball writer and I recommend to follow him on twitter!

Our own Dave White not allowing St. John's to steal our glorious thunder, after they received a commitment from 4-star forward Kassoum Yakwe yesterday.

Rutgers assistant coach Greg "Shoes" Vetrone's son and vocal RU supporter,  Vinnie Vetrone celebrated with these tweets yesterday!

Keep these tremendous comparisons coming.  It is time to start drumming up some nicknames for this backcourt next season.

The Kwe Parker commitment news went International as a slew of tweets surfaced from France.  Pardon my lack of knowledge regarding the french language and the fact that the view translation did not work, but I think they are saying this is a good thing!  And something about Corey Sanders together with Kwe will form a great tandem as long as he doesn't leave after one season.  Settle down France and let us enjoy this for one day before worrying about that.

The standard praise from fans of Kwe Parker, the Corey Sanders-Parker anticipated dynamic duo, and expectations for a national championship.  No pressure Kwe!!!  The picture of Kwe's arm a foot above the rim is tremendous!

To quote Ron Burgundy, "boy, that escalated quickly".  Acknowledging that maybe Eddie knows what he is doing to tickets selling out is crazy in its own right around these parts.  Then we head towards questioning how messed up the world is to the backcourt of Corey and Kwe producing bodies?  As in dead?  Because they will massacre opponents?  Ok, point taken, who am I to disagree.

Football season is about to kickoff so we will end with two football related Kwe tweets.  I believe that Belichick has someone search the internet for any mention of his name, which could lead him to actually start scouting Kwe. As for Flood, I doubt he agrees!  RU rah rah!!